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February 22, 2008

This week's edition of the Contact Center Week In Review comes to you from a very snowy North East. Grab a coffee if you need to warm up, and catch up on all things contact center-related from this past week.
Ensynch, a Tempe, Arizona-based company that provides outsourced IT infrastructure, staffing and managed hosting services, announced this week that they improved their call center with help from FrontRange's Software Solutions.
The EnDemand Data Center is Ensynch’s fastest growing business unit. This center relies on FrontRange IT Service Management (ITSM) software to quickly and professionally respond to incoming client requests. READ MORE HERE.

Also this week, call center outsourcing firm, American Customer Care announced the addition of 70 jobs at its Elmira, New York location.
These positions are an addition to the 100 seats already in place at the location.
Hosted Call Center Solutions Provider TouchStar also announced the expansion of its global reseller partner program.

The expansion is a response to record interest over the last nine months. According to the company, to keep up with the growing demand in 2008, further marketing development funds, channel support personnel, training programs, and online tools are being added to the mix.

NICE Systems also made headlines with the announcement that it was selected by Go Daddy for its contact centers.
Specifically, NICE Perform was chosen for three of their VoIP-based Contact Centers with over 1,100 agents.
According to a report, "With the use of NICE’s adaptive interaction analytics, Go Daddy will be able to better understand the reasons behind customer calls. The company will also be equipped to identify trends during periods of unusual call volume, optimize average handling time, uncover agent knowledge gaps, perform root cause analysis and drive best practices."
Looking to find a way to better utilize the space in your call center and save more money?
Wasted space, call center furniture provider Interior Concepts notes, is space that can never be reclaimed.
"If a customer “could have gotten” more agents into the floor space (but didn’t), and as a result “could have generated more revenue” (but didn’t), then that lost revenue can never be reclaimed. It becomes a dollar and cents/profitability issue." Read more: "Call Center Furniture: Utilizing Space to Save Money and Improve Profit"
Cost savings in the call center can also be achieved with international call centers. Highlighting "How to Ensure International Call Center Success Through Best Practices in Hiring, Training and Management," is a new feature article on the Call Center Training channel this week.
Also check out this contact center analysis piece from the past week "Research Reveals Germany as Sound Contact Center Investment"
That’s all for this week, but be sure to check back with ContactCenterSolutions throughout the week for all the latest in contact center-related news as it happens! Until next week…..
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