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Vertica DB Product Enables On-The-Fly Analytics

February 20, 2008

Vertica Systems has announced the launch of its Vertica Analytic Database 2.0. The solution, according the company, has been updated and now provides "blazing performance on industry-standard hardware." Vertica Analytic Database 2.0 was crafted to allow companies to give more people access to more data for ad hoc analytics to better respond to key business opportunities in near-real time.

The announcement underscores the company’s dedication to development of the database management system (DBMS) over the past year. Vertica has seen a wave of deployments, with notable successes in the financial services, telecommunications and online business industries.

Recent customers include Comcast, BlueCrest Capital Management, NetworkIP, Sonian and LogiXML. A series of strategic partnerships with prominent technology providers like HP, Red Hat and Business Objects have fueled customer adoption.

“Whether enabling a customer to see the effect of a pricing change made hours ago or ensuring quality of service, we need to have clear, call detail record visibility into the millions of connections we manage every day,” said Stephan Broquie, director of business development applications at telecommunication services provider NetworkIP.

“The Vertica Analytic Database gives us the answers we need fast – regardless of whether the call occurred 10 minutes ago or two years ago. For example, it has cut the time to perform a critical monthly cost analysis of toll-free call traffic from 12 hours to 10 seconds. Given our intense focus on margins, that’s the kind of result that makes a huge difference in our market.”

The Vertica Analytic Database 2.0 allows companies to perform on-the-fly analytics by removing the restrictions inherent in traditional analytic data management such as restricted views of historical data; no views of real-time performance data; and the high costs of running old DBMS technology or inflexible proprietary analytic hardware in BI deployments. Vertica aims to allow companies give more employees more access to vastly larger volumes of data – dozens of terabytes – with lower IT costs. Vertica also enables these employees to get answers to ad hoc questions based on real-time data in seconds rather than hours or days.

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