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Commidea Integrates Semafone Software into its Payment Gateway to Reduce Payment Risks for Contact Centers

August 04, 2011

A Point International Group company and a leading European provider of electronic payment solutions, Commidea reported the integration of Semafone’s contact center software with its payment gateway. The integration of the Semafone software is aimed at increasing the safety of payment processing for contact centers without compromising customer service.

The combined solution ensures contact center agents do not come into contact with any customer card payment details. The solution will help mask the credit card details and directly send the information to the customers to directly send Commidea’s PCI DSS level 1 certified processing infrastructure for processing, Commidea explained in a press release.

In the release, Commidia explained how the system works to ensure the safety of the transactions:

During a phone transaction, customers enter payment details on their telephone keypad, which produce non-traceable monotonous beeps, while the call centre agent remains on the line to ensure the payment is processed correctly. Card details are then transmitted directly to Commidea’s secure payment gateway for authorization by the merchant’s acquiring bank.

Commidea has also deployed another system called tokenization, which do not require storing sensitive card details on its system for those merchants, who have to make regular and recurring payments.

The investment in Semafone software helped Commidea to achieve many things at one shot. First, the technology helps remove a portion of the compliance criteria. This in turn reduces the scope and cost for call centers to achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. Ultimately the technology simplifies the entire process. The cost savings can be up to several million pounds depending on the size of the contact centre and the volume of transactions, Commidea revealed.

“Combining Semafone and Commidea’s technology is a positive step for the call centre industry. Our combined solution simplifies a merchant’s PCI compliance efforts by reducing the areas that contain cardholder data, considerably reducing the associated PCI DSS compliance costs for contact centres and makes payments safer for consumers,” Managing Director at Commidea Ian Rutland noted in a statement.

Earlier this year Semafone announced partnership with nuBridges, which provides contact center industry with innovative data protection solutions. Under the partnership, Semafone deployed integrated nuBridges Protect Token Manager solution to ensure increased protection of credit card numbers on the phone. Integrated with Semafone’s payment security technology, the industry-leading Format Preserving Tokenisation solution helps combat call center fraud by masking and tokenizing credit card numbers taken over the telephone, ContactCenterSolutions reported.

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Edited by Rich Steeves