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SMS Could Become the Most Valuable Media Channel for Businesses who Take Advantage

July 21, 2011

E-mail communication was once the dominant channel within the enterprise and the consumer sect. Now, with two times as many Short Message Service (SMS) users as there are e-mail users, the opportunities to expand on SMS technology as a media channel are endless. 

SMS is already being used in everyday business practices. According to Gartner, Inc., it is estimated that by 2014 more than 3 billion of the world’s population will be able to transact electronically via mobile or Internet technology. Based on this estimate it would be the logical option for businesses to begin developing expanded mobile applications for users.

Within the call center world, which is based on an elementary version of SMS technology, evolution is key to increased productivity. This recent Interactive Intelligence white paper, A Practical Guide to Making SMS a Valuable Media Channel for Business, highlighted that this solution is being treated like an e-mail, fax or other transaction. As a result, text messages are directed through an ACD queue along with phone calls and other media directly to the agents. A corresponding system allows this particular platform to differentiate between the SMS and other media options. 

All-in-one solutions offer up a different al a carte option for business solutions. Using SMS to route inbound calls through an automated system allows for more organization and reliability.

For end-users, the SMS option has all but replaced e-mail conversations. On average, text messages are read within four minutes where e-mails are viewed within 48 hours. The time management tool for SMS support systems would be an excellent option.

There are undetermined amounts of potential for SMS business drivers. It can begin with goods and services via the Internet or mobile marketing and employee collaboration along with transportation and logistics. Reach is everything. Creating a neverending availability of a product or service via mobile SMS is extraordinary. Taking it another step by implementing a fool proof system that supports that idea with pay options is genius.

The idea of SMS within the workplace is proactive in that messages and responses can be transferred within seconds to keep communication more fluid. Imagine a flower delivery driver knowing his next delivery before he starts the ignition. Gone are the days of route sheets as SMS can provide a faster and more reliable network on messages. 

Alert systems within text messages are another crucial aspect of SMS for a business solution. Remote system monitoring and message alerts keep a positive relationship between a consumer and the business. An alert regarding a doctor’s appointment or oil change can instill a much needed dependency. 

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