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Customer Service Driven Home

February 01, 2008

Regardless of their particular industry, one thing all businesses have in common is the end goal of being able to effectively differentiate themselves from their competition — and a large part of that comes from providing high quality customer care.

Indeed, with the variety of alternatives in nearly any industry, anything but the best in customer service has become intolerable. Therefore, deploying the right technology — that which will best allow businesses to capitalize on all their assets — is critical to efficiently and effectively managing customer concerns.
Indeed, a recent Harris Interactive study found that that nearly three of four respondents have ceased doing business with a company following and inferior customer service experience. The same study also showed that only 40% of North Americans surveyed are generally satisfied with the customer service centers they deal with.  The message is simple: Customer care drives success.
But the situation is not as dire as it might appear; today’s IP-based communications solutions present contact centers technologies that have evolved to create new and exciting opportunities for enhance call center agents’ capacity for managing the customer experience.
As businesses consider how address the increasingly demanding requirements of their customers, one of the alternatives that is rapidly growing in popularity is the deployment of work-at-home agents. In fact, thanks to IP Communications capabilities, remote at-home agents and “competitive advantage” simply go together.
Purely from a cost perspective, work at home agents, to put it bluntly, cost less — as much as $11 per hour less. You do the math there. Work at home agents also have a significantly lower attrition rate, by some 10%. And why not? Who wouldn’t be happy working from the comfort of their own home? And, because they are happier, and because they have fewer office distractions, they tend to be more focused, and more productive — as much as 25% more productive.
To learn more about how you can leverage your investment in IP Communications to deploy work-at-home agents and create a differentiating customer service environment, check out the recent Webinar, Remote Agents: Taking Full Advantage of the IP Contact Center, sponsored by Interactive Intelligence.
During the one-hour event, Interactive Intelligence’s Director of Solutions Marketing explained how contact centers can eliminate physical office barriers to enhance their overall customer AND agent experiences. 
By leveraging all your available resources, you can reduce agent turnover, extend geographic reach, increase customer satisfaction — all of which manifests itself in the form of increased revenue.
The Webinar also featured key decision drivers businesses should consider when choosing their contact center solution, so that they are able to optimize at-home agent resources. Passios also provided extensive statistics, advantages, and strategies — gleaned through research and deployment experience — that are most likely to lead to a successful remote contact center agent deployment.
To listen to Remote Agents: Taking Full Advantage of the IP Contact Center, as well as many other informative Webinars encompassing every part of the IP Communications space, visit ContactCenterSolutions’s Webinar page.
Erik Linask is Associate Editor of INTERNET TELEPHONY, IMS Magazine, and Unified Communications. Prior to joining TMC, he was Managing Editor at Global Custodian, an international securities services publication. To see more of his articles, please visit Erik Linask’s columnist page.
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