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LiveOps Announces Availability of Industry's First Screen Recording Application with Cloud-Based Storage

July 14, 2011

LiveOps, the premier provider of cloud-based contact center technologies and talent, has introduced LiveOps Screen Recording, the industry’s first screen recording application with cloud-based storage. It is available immediately to companies using the LiveOps contact center platform.

Screen Recording with cloud-based storage services enables the audio and screen capture and review of any customer-agent interaction at any time and thus helps companies operating part of or their entire contact center on the LiveOps platform.

LiveOps collaborated with ZOOM International in the delivery of this solution and the two companies have been working together for more than a year.

In a press release, Simon Vostry, founder & CEO, ZOOM International, said: “Leveraging ZOOM International’s significant experience with delivering screen recording solutions which will now be delivered through the LiveOps cloud contact center, provides enterprises with a cost effective, scalable solution for screen recordings.”

Company officials said that the LiveOps Screen Recording application can be easily enabled with the LiveOps platform without the additional costs of software to install or upgrade.

The costs typically associated with traditional storage systems are also eliminated by moving the storage of these recordings to a highly secure cloud environment.

Companies, with the help of the application, can decide how long they want or need to retain the recordings to adhere to corporate standards or industry regulations.

A recent white paper published by DMG Consulting titled Next Generation QA Solutions Take ROI to the Next Level, says: the adoption rate of recording solutions in contact centers is approximately 65 to 70 percent and runs at 45 to 55 percent for quality assurance applications.

Enterprise, with LiveOps Screen Recording is able to determine when and where the recording application should be used. This approach helps in managing a variety of contact center deliverables such as administering specific customer outreach or sales campaigns, agent training, and quality monitoring.

The Screen Recording application can be configured or accessed from anywhere. Just with a simple click on the screen recording icon next to the call the screen recording audio and visual can be streamed to the reviewer.

All screen recordings are integrated with LiveOps reporting capabilities.

Olivier Gachot, General Manager and Executive Vice President LiveOps contact center cloud platform, said: “Cloud-based storage for what could equate to thousands of recordings is quickly becoming a very economical choice for companies in these heavily regulated industries.”

In related news, LiveOps announced the appointment of Marty Beard as President and Chief Executive Officer effective July 18, 2011.

Deepika Mala is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

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