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Arvato Selects Aspect's Uniphi Connect for SIP-based VoIP Contact Center

January 30, 2008

Aspect Software Inc. has announced that Arvato Services, a global third-party customer service outsourcing provider, will leverage 400 seats of Uniphi Connect with its Aspect CallCenter ACDs to create a virtual SIP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) contact center.

Arvato is taking this step in an effort to enhance its customer service deliverables. The company is one of the first in Belgium and the Netherlands to roll out a large-scale IP contact center initiative.

Customer service and other customer interaction outsourcing services for large enterprises are offered by Arvato. Customers include the State Lottery, AMN AMRO and Oxxio. Arvato also provides data management capabilities, printed paper production and stock management and logistics.

VoIP appealed to Arvato for a number of reasons, especially to improve its operational excellence and to enable the contact center to rapidly scale and adapt as customer and business needs change.

"When the state lottery has its drawing, there is a sharp increase in customer contacts which means Arvato has to be prepared," said David West, Senior VP International Sales EMEA, Aspect Software, in a Wednesday statement.

"With SIP-based VoIP and the virtual contact center capabilities that Aspect provides, Arvato is able to have the appropriate resources available to manage those contacts and maintain a consistent level of service."

A hybrid solution, the Uniphi Connect enables users to deploy both Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Internet Protocol (IP)-based agents on a single platform. The solution works in conjunction with Aspect CallCenter ACD, a high-volume call routing application.

The solution also enables Arvato to create a virtual contact center, integrated into the central office management systems. In addition, the internal IT support staffs of offices in Antwerp, Abcoude and Venlo are connected by VoIP.

Uniphi Connect was selected as the result of a lengthy research process. Leon van
Adrichem, CTO at Arvato Services Benelux, shared in Wednesday’s statement, "Aspect CallCenter ACD is proven technology with extremely high reliability and virtually one hundred percent uptime.”

“Additionally, Aspect is our supplier for other solutions, so this was a natural progression. Our investment remains protected and the implementation time was considerably shortened as Aspect already knows us. It has gone flawlessly," Van Adrichem added.

The benefits that Arvato has experienced include significant telephony cost savings; minimum time to execution; increased flexibility in staff; ability to leverage remote services; disaster recovery options; offshore services ready for application; and no extra investments in additional hardware or software.

Van Adrichem continued, "This solution also helps Arvato offer our contact center capabilities as a hosted service, meaning third parties are able to offer their services by building upon our infrastructure. This is an important step forward in our strategy to be an innovative market leader in the field of complex solutions in the services industry."

Markus Trost, CEO, Arvato Services Benelux, contributed in Wednesday’s statement: "With the implementation of this new technology we can offer our customers a state of the art solution. In the chain of communication between companies and customers Arvato Customer Services is playing a growing central role.”

“Outsourcing of Customer Services is increasing, even to a larger extent of complexity. There is also a strong tendency in the market to professionalize the customer contact even more, from a commercial point of view and to use this information as a source of information in order to optimize the business processes.”

Customer Services is a strategic activity for Arvato with considerable growth potential that link up perfectly to our other activities," Trost concluded.

Aspect certainly has proven its worth in the contact center arena and Arvato has recognized the value of adding a VoIP contact center solution. The company will be better positioned to drive its contact center operations, at lower costs, with greater functionality.

Arvato will also be in a better position to market its services to large enterprises throughout multiple industries. As a result, the company should be able to strengthen its market position and increase its long-term potential.

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