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Carbonite Brings Back Call Center Jobs to the U.S. From India

May 26, 2011

Technology firm Carbonite has just made a drastic decision—deciding to move back its formerly outsourced customer service center from India, back to the U.S. The new customer service center will be located in Lewiston, Maine.

Carbonite is a company that offers multiple types of data backup services. The company already has a help desk located in Boston, in addition to its India center. However, according to a press release, Carbonite quickly realized that customers would much rather talk to representatives in the Boston area instead of agents in India. The India center has been operating for five years now, but customer satisfaction numbers have continued to higher for its Boston office. Hence, the company’s decision to relocate the customer service department back to America.

The good news about this move is Carbonite’s new office will bring 150 jobs to the town of Lewiston. The bad news is that the India office that will be shut down by the end of the year employed around 250 people.

The company decided on main for the customer service center due to the high level of incentives provided by the state, a better tax rate and a low cost of living compared to Massachusetts, the release revealed.

Job positions available at the new center range from entry-level customer service agents to human resource executives and managers. All of the jobs mandate that the employees are technology literate. Salaries for these respective jobs reach up to $50,000 a year, plus benefits.

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