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24/7 Customer Joins with C EB to Develop Customer Effort Management Solution

May 26, 2011

Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty are crucial elements for long term growth of any company. Customer satisfaction and loyalty can’t be built over night, but can be attained with consistent efforts to improve customer service and business process. This is what 24/7 Customer is trying to do.   

According to a press release, 24/7 Customer, Inc., a predictive experience solutions provider is collaborated with Corporate Executive Board to develop CCC Loyalty View, a SaaS offering that will help subscribers to improve agent performance and customer satisfaction and loyalty. Bothe the companies will be developing a customer experience dashboard that will help members of CEB’s Customer Contact Council to measure, manage and predict customer effort required to use their online sales and service sites.

“CEB is a well-recognized thought leader in customer contact management. Partnering with them to develop CCC Loyalty View is a significant milestone in 24/7’s efforts to innovate online sales and service with our predictive experience technology. We share a common goal to improve the customer experience and CCC Loyalty View was born out of this joint vision,” said V Bharathwaj, CMO of 24/7 Customer.

CCC Loyalty View will integrate CEB’s proprietary metric, the Customer Effort Score, with 24/7 Customer’s Px Solutions platform. It will deliver actionable insights that will help users improve online interactions.

CCC Loyalty View will reduce customer effort by predicting and resolving issues in the first contact, with a real-time dashboard that delivers actionable insights to improve the overall customer experience.

Matthew Dixon, Managing Director, CEB, “We are excited to partner with 24/7 Customer to offer this highly innovative product, Our Customer Effort Score is a breakthrough measure in customer loyalty and has been widely accepted by some of the world’s leading companies. By using 24/7’s predictive experience technology in concert with our own insights into customer service best practices, we are now in a position to help our members understand the ways in which they are driving customer effort and what specific actions they can take to reduce it – ultimately helping them mitigate the disloyalty that comes from service interactions.”

C CC Loyalty View will also eliminate the need for customers to make multiple attempts in multiple channels to resolve an issue by anticipating related downstream implications.

 In other company news, ContactCenterSolutions reported that 24/7 Customer has opened its contact center in Managua, Nicaragua.

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