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InsFocus Unveils New Agent Portal for Users of InsFocus BI

April 19, 2011

A new agent portal for users of InsFocus BI has recently been released by Uri Taiber, founder and CEO of InsFocus Systems, Ltd., a premier developer of business intelligence software for the insurance industry.

The newly announced InsFocus BI's agent portal is quick to deploy and immediately useful to insurance agents of any level of technical sophistication. Agents are also able to easily access targeted information critical to their marketing and client retention efforts.

In a press release, Hanan Taiber, CTO of InsFocus Systems, said:  "With this new tool, insurance agents can simply log in and get immediate access to activity monitors, sales and growth analysis, renewal lists, and much more, all with a zero learning curve."

The new agent portal unchains insurance agents from their desks.  Whether they carry an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or another Internet-connected device, agents get the same functionality as they would from their offices. They just need to have a browser to get the updated information they need to serve existing clients and sell to prospects.

A number of predefined reports, including sales by product group and cross selling lists, though system administrators can easily add more at any time are provided by InsFocus BI's agent portal.

The user administration is as simple as adding or removing agents from a permission list. In addition, the portal protects sensitive operating and client information by business-grade encryption.

"Our new agent portal is a real workhorse - secure, reliable, and powerful, yet lightweight enough to allow anytime, anywhere, any device access," says Hanan Taiber. "We're excited to see what our users do with this key new extension of their insurance business intelligence solution and proud to facilitate better customer service, improved sales, and agency growth for our clients."

In related news, InsFocus Systems has released version 1.91 of its category-leading InsFocus BI insurance business intelligence solution.

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