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Automotive CRM Provider DealerSocket Intros New Version DealerSocket 2011

February 07, 2011

Automotive CRM provider DealerSocket announced the introduction of DealerSocket 2011. Company sources said that the newest version of the DealerSocket CRM Solution, codenamed Black Ops, features a fully upgraded core CRM, a mobile customer portal, and an executive reporting tool that is new and designed to optimize the auto industry. 

In a release Jonathan Ord, DealerSocket co-founder and CEO said, “We have to keep listening to the market and our customers and continue to provide real solutions to real problems. This is the secret to our growth - continuous improvement to our simple, usable and robust platform. Our customers are ultimately in control.”

The introduction of DealerSocket 2011 follows several other achievements made by the company including continued bottom line profitability, record sales growth and several awards and accolades besides reaching 75,000 active users and establishing a benchmark of 1700 auto dealer customers.

DealerSocket serves the automotive industry by providing comprehensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and training solutions. It allows auto dealers to save time, save money and also improve sales staff effectiveness with one consolidated product. The capabilities to manage sales, service, CSI, marketing and training offered by DealerSocket makes it a complete source for all customer facing automotive dealership departments, explained company sources.

DealerSocket’s core CRM includes a powerful data mining tool called MoneyMaker. This is an online process training university called Carmind and an efficient CallCenter solution. Top auto dealers are trying to make profits through leasing, sales and service by using DealerSocket’s MoneyMaker and CallCenter tools. 

The company’s products can be used alone or in conjunction with the core CRM solution to provide an end-to-end marketing and revenue producing engine, added company sources.

Automotive CRM provider, DealerSocket announced in October 2010 that General Motors has approved the company for recertification as a Certified Lead Management Provider.

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