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LivePerson Credited with '70 Percent' Customer Savings

October 22, 2007

LivePerson, a vendor of online engagement products that facilitate real-time assistance and advice, has announced the adoption of its Timpani Voice product by "several customers," including Bell, Canada's largest voice, data and wireless communications company, Qwest and others.

Internet, digital voice, and long distance; customers who visit the Bell Web site to cancel or move their service to a new location receive invitations to speak with a Bell representative.

"Timpani Voice has saved us close to 70 percent of customers who had expressed a desire to cancel service," said Parth Shukla, Director of Interactive and Multi-Channel Marketing for Bell. "Enabling consumers to remain online and do business with us in their channel of choice reinforces Bell's multi-channel service options and increases customer satisfaction."

Described as "an enterprise click-to-call product that proactively introduces the voice channel to targeted visitor segments based on behavioral events," Timpani has a proactive chat platform which includes enterprise-level voice capabilities.

Using Leveraging LivePerson's business rules engine fits with ActiveAnalytics' data mining technology, which analyzes online visitor behavior and predicts which visitors are most likely to convert if engaged by an agent.

Bell has deployed Timpani Voice across multiple lines of business, including wireline, After effectively using LivePerson's click-to-call technology to retain customers, Bell has since deployed the product in areas where the company experiences a high level of complexity and fall-out for online fulfillment, including move center and multi-product bundles.

Offering invite-to-talk and click-to-talk applications, Timpani Voice features computer telephony integration options and is compatible with both conventional telephone service and talk by PC for site visitors.

Last fall LivePerson introduced Timpani Voice, what company officials characterized at the time as "an enterprise click-to-talk product that helps e-commerce organizations address consumer buying concerns and increase conversions from Web site visitors."

Using real-time analytics and business rules, Timpani Voice identifies targeted visitor segments while they're online and brokers an immediate connection with telephone agents, bypassing conventional voice recognition and automated phone menu options.

Timpani Voice features Invite-to-Talk, a proactive application that introduces the voice channel to online visitors based on behavioral events such as site navigation and shopping cart abandonment.

Brian Bingham, Director Global CRM & Customer Care BPO Research at IDC, said that by reserving the voice channel for high-value prospects, and matching these prospects with the appropriate agents, Timpani Voice "is an ideal tool for optimizing call center resources and increasing online conversion rates and customer satisfaction."

In 2006 LivePerson announced an agreement to acquire Atlanta-based Proficient Systems, Inc. LivePerson, according to published reports, agreed to acquire all of the outstanding capital stock of Proficient in exchange for 2 million shares of LivePerson stock.


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