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User Friendly On-Demand CRM Software from Salesboom

October 12, 2007

Salesboom, a provider of on-demand CRM and ERP business software services to over 30,000 subscribers and 3500 customers in over 159 countries, announced recently that version 9 of their Salesboom offering will be available this month.
The company, which boasts the "most user friendly CRM software in The World, Period" has added, with the latest version, more elements that deliver on the promise of a solution that offers quality CRM functionality that is easy enough for all users to benefit from.

Salesboom's on-demand software offers customers a way to completely customize their platform specific to their needs, and is easily deployed across the enterprise in real time, and at a much lower cost than traditional on-premise solutions.
The latest version of Salesboom also includes a new, upgraded platform with features like an AJAX drag-and-drop layout, the ability for users to customize and manage tabs, objects, fields, layouts, views, reports, dashboards, and others, all from the easy to use interface. This ease of use and customization also helps to speed up the deployment of unique enterprise solutions, "within 2-4 weeks," according to the company.
With the new upgrades, and improved workflow and automation capabilities, users can more easily work with desktop and web-based interfaces, helping to further drive adoption and improve usability.
According to the company, Web 2.0 enhancements in the latest version also include, Record Tagging and Clouds, as well as enhanced collaboration tools such as the Public Knowledge Base and Self-Service Customer, Partner & Employee Portals.
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