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Teradata Adds MRM Capabilities to Customer Management Solutions

October 04, 2007

In a bid to offer companies the ability to automate their entire marketing process, while also allowing marketers to control and measure business impact of their initiatives, Teradata Corporation has added Marketing Resource Management (MRM) capabilities to its Customer Management Solutions portfolio.

The addition, effective immediately, was made possible thanks to a business partnership with Assetlink. The new product, Teradata MRM powered by Assetlink will be available on demand and delivered on site.
"Marketers today face increasing complexity and rising executive pressure to deliver more return on customer relationships, and MRM tools have become a requirement to help marketers do all that is demanded of them," Dr. Mark Jeffery, clinical associate professor at the Kellogg School of Management and managing partner, Agile Insights explained in a statement to the press.
With the new resource management capabilities added to their CM solutions portfolio, which includes real-time interaction management and analytical capabilities, marketers are given the tools they need to better plan and control marketing activities while also measuring business impact so companies can reduced planning, design and launch time while also increasing productivity levels.
"The Teradata CM solutions portfolio, enhanced with the Assetlink MRM tools, addresses the serious process challenges faced by today's marketers in ways that other MRM software tools just cannot match," said Sam Gragg, vice president of Teradata Customer Management Solutions Marketing in a statement to the press.
Gragg also commented, "A true data warehouse-driven CRM portfolio brings together the best of real-time detailed information, advanced analytics, and operational, event-triggered communications. Today we have completed the CRM ring of power by adding world-class marketing resource control and measurement."

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