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Interactive Intelligence Helps 'Ditch the Frustration' and Make Customer Service Fun

November 19, 2010

Are your customers getting frustrated by your customer service to the point where they no longer want to do business with you? Chances are, if you’re the call center manager, you’re getting just as frustrated as they are.

There’s a myriad and ever-growing number of reasons why customers are growing frustrated with the support and service they get from the companies they do business with. Their frustration could be a result of your IVR system. Do your customers have to wade through extensive IVR options to get to the person or division they want? Do they practically fall asleep while waiting on hold for excessively long periods of time? Are they being asked to answer the same questions repeatedly as the move through different departments?

Any of these things would likely drive up my frustration as well; so I feel the customer’s pain and why they would want to hand up the phone.

Interactive Intelligence understands this challenge as well and has launched its “Ditch the Frustration” campaign and website. The promotion has been launched to give organizations a new type of resource for addressing the most common – and most current – types of customer service complaints – including feedback coming directly from consumers. So, the resource is reciprocal in nature: If you are a customer, you’ll find out how to get “frustration-free” service – and if you’re a customer-facing organization, you’ll get tips on how to reduce your customers’ frustration. Think of it as like an “open dialog” between the call center industry and consumers.

As part of its initiative, Interactive Intelligence is collecting valuable resources for giving and getting amazing customer service straight from those who deliver it – industry experts. The company has made available from its website a full portfolio of solutions such as videos, blogs, white papers and industry research that show you how to take that “frustration” and turn it into WOW!

The site is both serious and whimsical in tone: In addition to expert feedback, the Weekly Funnies section offers a quick laugh to help shake off the frustration. The site features a different cartoon each week that sheds light on the difficulties of delivering excellent customer service.

Want to get help directly from the experts? Ask the Experts enables you to get the valuable information you need, straight from the horse’s mouth – so to speak. This portal is for customer service reps and customers alike who are searching for the best way to interact that does not induce frustration, but rather satisfying experiences for all.

There is nothing better to lift the spirits of those who work with the public than an opportunity to laugh at ourselves and those things we take so seriously. Yes, what you do is important, but why frown while you have to get it done. When you “Ditch the Frustration” you can find the joy in the work and actually have fun with the interaction.

Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for ContactCenterSolutions and has also written for To read more of Susan’s articles, please visit her columnist page.

Edited by Patrick Barnard