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SPSS Inc. Helps American Airlines Realize Significant ROI

October 03, 2007

SPSS Inc., a provider of predictive analytics software, was chosen by American Airlines to help them generate customer information and make better business decisions. From this implementation, the air carrier has realized significant ROI and process improvement.

SPSS Inc.'s solutions help to improve business processes through visibility.
American Airlines was recently recognized as one of the 10 Technology Award Winners 2007 by Nucleus Research.
The award, which evaluated organizations for their technological response to a business requirement, specifically recognized SPSS Inc. as "providing the technological advancements" that led American Airlines to their win.
King Douglas, senior analyst in the customer research department at American Airlines, commented, "We're deeply committed to customer satisfaction. SPSS predictive analytics software provides us with the means to help deliver on that promise. With SPSS, we can better understand who our customers are, what they want and how we can best serve them. We're obviously thrilled with the return on this technological investment. Customers should be pleased, as well, as they're the real beneficiaries at the end of the day."

By using SPSS' statistical software suite, the air carrier is able to monitor changing market conditions in their industry and maintain a competitive advantage. Also, the company's customer research department is able to use SPSS' technology to uncover how customers feel about their products and services in comparison to whats offered by their competitors. Using the information gathered by SPSS' technology, the customer research team is able to uncover opportunities and challenges as well as report to senior management the information needed to make more informed business decisions and maximize revenue.

"This is a great example showcasing the type of competitive advantage businesses quickly gain by using predictive analytics technology. It's comes as no surprise why both of these organizations are recognized as leaders in their respective market spaces," Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research at Nucleus Research commented.
Earlier this year, SPSS Inc. made headlines  when their Predictive Analytics software was recognized as aiding Northeastern supermarket company, Stop & Shop to strengthen their customer loyalty.
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