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Latest Version of SatuitCRM Released with More Than 30 New Features

November 17, 2010

A leading provider of CRM and contact center solutions for asset management and hedge fund companies, Satuit Technologies, Inc., announced the release of SatuitCRM Version 10.11. In addition of providing flexibility and power to the end users, the updated application is expected to offer Satuit an edge over its competitors.

In the press release, Satuit Technologies announced that its SatuitCRM v10.11 will be rolled out to clients starting November 20, 2010. In its new version, this Satuit CRM solution includes over 30 new features. According to its developer, SatuitCRM v10.11 is the most significant upgrade to SatuitCRM since version 10.5.

In the upgraded version, the application comes with expanded search capabilities. The company reportedly incorporated upgraded technology for rendering search results in universal grid views.

In its new version, the CRM tool offers such grid view functionalities that make it look like more a spreadsheet than in a CRM database. The new grid view functions provide drag and drop configurations, column locking, dynamic filtering and on-the-fly grouping and many more.

“We believe that the new combination of functionality puts us in a class by ourselves for flexibility and power to the end user. We’ve always had an advantage, but now the gap between Satuit and its competitors is wider,” said Chief Strategy Officer of Satuit, Njal Larson, in a statement.

Another major new feature includes a global dashboard administration and publishing suite, which allows Satuit Administrators to easily create custom dashboards and then push them out to a specific division, a group or the entire company.

Additionally, the updated platform supports Deep Linking, which facilitates information sharing throughout the organization and expands integration capabilities. Integrated systems can now leverage application layouts and features, not just data, as found in typical Web Service based integrations, the company officials explained.

“Success in the CRM business is a process not a destination and we are constantly striving to out-do ourselves with the ingenuity of SatuitCRM features. Our intent is to create the largest return on investment possible for our clients and this version has the bells and whistles to do that,” said CEO of Satuit, Karen Maguire, in a statement.

It will be relevant to mention that last month the company announced the addition of 25 new clients since it acquired the products of in March 2010. It also announced the addition of new solutions like Satuit PackMan, Satuit Secure Investor Portal (formerly WebReps), and Satuit SecurePDF, to the company's flagship product SatuitCRM, creating a complete back to front office product suite.

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