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Verizon Steps Up Customer Service with New Contract Policy

October 01, 2007

In a bid to offer their customers the most "worry-free" experience with their services, Verizon Wireless has stepped up their customer-friendly approach to now also include the ability to change service plans, without having to extend yearly contracts.

Often times, frustration with wireless services comes from the need to adapt services to fit changing needs but feeling trapped by having to extend contracts just to do so.
To further increase flexibility for customers choosing their offerings and to answer directly to consumer needs, Verizon Wireless will, starting October 7, allow customers to change their voice and data plans as needed, without having to change their contract end-date.
The new policy will become a part f the company's Worry Free Guarantee which promises the most reliable network, a free phone every two years with a two-year renewal, as well as a Test Drive Offer, for a 30-day risk free chance to try out the Verizon network and added benefits for online customers utilizing the My Account Advantage offering including a free Backup Assistant for phone numbers, and Minute Check to let customers know if they are exceeding their plan allowance. This offering also provides options for improved savings.
Along with these customer-focused offerings, Verizon Wireless also offers a declining termination fee and local number portability to provide customers with the ability to take their phone numbers with them if they switch service providers.

In other recent endeavors to further support their customers, Verizon Wireless also recently announced the launch of a new video call center that utilizes videophones and American Sign Language to offer customer who are deaf or hard of hearing with the ability to communicate with the company about their services, more easily and more frequently.

In support of improved customer experiences, Verizon also offers customers a number of options for communicating with the company in their native languages including, Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Korean, Russian, Spanish and Vietnamese.

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