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VoIP Company ViaTalk Will Not Outsource Customer Service

September 28, 2007

New York-based VoIP company, ViaTalk LLC., has announced they are putting customer service first on their list and as a part of this commitment, have chosen not outsource their customer service departments to foreign countries.

While outsourced call centers have proven to be a viable option that also offer cost savings, many times language barriers, cultural differences and customer dissatisfaction can offset the benefit of the lowered costs associated with outsourcing.
To maintain quality VoIP services including optimal customer care, ViaTalk boasts making full use of the labor pool here in the States and maintains their customer call center entirely in the U.S., in New York's Tech Valley.
Noting this strong commitment to customer service as the foundation for the company's success, CEO Brendan Brader explained, "In my mind, our high quality product coupled with our commitment to 24/7/365 customer service based in the United States is the ViaTalk difference. A customer makes a commitment by purchasing our product, and that customer should know that the management team is directly involved in customer service. Our customer service team is an integral part of the company."
To keep strong on their commitment to deliver optimal customer service to their customers, ViaTalk, who was recently challenged with aiding an influx of Internet phone service customers left without service after SunRocket's departure, increased 100 percent of their customer service staff, trained them quickly, and was able to offer customer's the wait times and service they expected.
"I was very concerned how the sudden closing of SunRocket would negatively affect the reputation of our industry as a whole. Tens of thousands of their subscribers who suddenly found themselves without phone service came to ViaTalk all at once. While this event challenged us for several weeks because of the enormous volume, I was confident that we could get our wait times and service times back to levels that previously existed," Brader said.

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