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Merced Systems Performance Suite Goes Multilingual

September 25, 2007

As contact centers expand their operations globally, the need for multilingual solutions to support their operations becomes necessary.
To response to this need, performance management solutions provider, Merced Systems, has released Merced Performance Suite Global Edition, which includes the ability to deploy and run the performance suite in multiple languages.

"As our customers grow and expand their businesses, cross-geographic performance management capabilities become increasingly relevant and important,” said Michael Schmier, Merced vice president of product marketing in a statement. "Our solution lowers the cost of ownership and maintenance for international organizations, allowing them to manage one set of reports, dashboards, and workflows that is automatically localized to each individual market and user.”  
For contact centers with multi-national operations, this means the Merced Performance Suite can be leveraged in multiple languages and with only a single implementation.
This includes the ability to distribute performance management solutions like reports, dashboards, workflows and metrics in a number of languages without having to duplicate the content a number of times for each different language.
Also included in the new Merced Performance Suite Global Edition are language packs that include pre-configured display labels like 'log out' and 'help' buttons for a specific language. Integrated authoring tools also make it possible to create and manage more easily through centralized administration, and the inclusion of a language toggle makes it easy to switch between the multiple languages as needed.
With the new multilingual capabilities, contact centers can better manage performance as well as "improve cross-geography coordination and management."
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