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Ditch the Frustration: Improving Customer Service, One Good Idea at a Time

October 26, 2010

Although the U.S. economy is, by some measures, still in the midst of a recession, many companies are starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel. As they do, a new focus on providing good customer service is emerging. Rather than competing on price alone, which is usually an unwinnable race to the bottom, companies are thinking about how to delight their clients in other ways.

Interactive Intelligence, a provider of contact center, unified communications and enterprise telephony solutions, took notice of the customer service trend recently and launched an online resource center and information campaign dubbed “Ditch the Frustration.”

The idea behind the campaign, centered around the website, is to provide a forum for customers and companies alike to share stories and ideas about great customer service. Ultimately, Interactive Intelligence hopes to help the economy recover by creating a marketplace where frustrating customer service is a thing of the past.

In a recent podcast, Joe Staples, Chief Marketing Officer at Interactive Intelligence, described the campaign as a one-stop source for educational and entertaining customer service related information. On the website, visitors can find whitepapers, articles, a question-and-answer forum, and even cartoons.

“We hope this becomes a collaborative site, where people submit questions and resources they find useful,” Staples said.

Proven tips and tricks for providing excellent customer service is a resource with much value to companies seeking ways of competing in a rapidly evolving market.

“The challenge for most organizations is figuring out how to deliver customer service the ‘right’ way in the midst of all these changes,” noted Patrick Barnard, ContactCenterSolutions Group Manager Editor, in a recent article. “The strategies used for providing good customer service in this age of Web 2.0 require continuous updating and modification: The approach you take today might not be the right one by the time 2011 rolls around.”

Helping highlight what works, and what doesn’t, is what Ditch the Frustration is all about. With promotions like automatic entry into monthly drawings for Starbucks gifts cards when visitors submit customer service tips, Interactive Intelligence is working hard to make the site an interactive, rather than static, resource.

As the campaign’s name suggests, all this is more about celebrating success than venting frustrations, although both certainly play a role in improving customer service. 

“There are so many companies out there that do a great job with customer service,” Staples noted in the podcast.

Listen to the entire podcast interview with Joe Staples here. For more information about good customer service, visit, and Interactive Intelligence’s global online community, Call Center Info.

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