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ToolsGroup's Service Optimizer 99 Improves Customer Experiences

September 17, 2007

In a bid to support the increasing demand for improved customer service levels across industries, ToolsGroup, a provider or demand-driven inventory optimization solutions now offers Service Optimizer 99.

To survive in today's competitive market, there is a constant need to overachieve and outperform. This is especially true in demand-driven supply chains. Add to this the need to focus on improved customer experiences and delivering superior performance and service level excellence becomes a must.

"Improving customer service levels has been identified by the majority of customers (56 percent) as the top pressure for improving the inventory process," commented Nari Viswanathan, research director, supply chain and logistics, Aberdeen Group, in a statement.
"In addition, fully 82 percent of surveyed respondents say it is highly important to their company to increase service levels without increasing inventory investment."

With the Service Optimizer 99 solution from ToolsGroup, it is possible to increase service levels.
According to a news release, Service Optimizer 99 answers to the need through, Forecast MicroAllocation, which "transforms demand plans into highly detailed forecasts, accurately allocated by day, SKU and account-location. Combined with advanced statistical inventory modeling and mix optimization, it helps companies drive service levels up to 99 percent and above, while improving supply chain stability and reducing overall inventories."
The solution answers directly to the problem of improper planning processes and inefficiencies in the workplace that have long hindered customer service optimization. By focusing on improved forecasting, it helps improve customer service levels and optimizes inventory.

"There is a clear gap between planning processes and daily execution at companies today, which causes a lot of manual interventions and inefficiencies," explained Joseph Shamir, CEO of ToolsGroup in a statement to the press. "Service Optimizer 99 carefully bridges that gap, making 99+ percent service levels possible."

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