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Verint Systems Enjoys Market Leadership Supported by Industry Analysis

September 06, 2007

Every company likes to claim that they are the dominant leader in their industry. In fact, many even make this claim without the data to support it. One company can now tout true market leadership, and has the third party supporting evidence to go along with it.

Verint Systems Inc., a provider of analytic software-based solutions for workforce-enterprise optimization and security, has announced that according to recently published industry analyst reports, Verint Witness Actionable Solution has become the contact center leader in workforce optimization, analytics, quality monitoring, performance management and training.

Recent research studies have collectively validated that more enterprises are selecting Verint Witness Actionable Solutions in favor of competitive offerings. These reports indicate that the combined market shares of Verint and Witness Systems lead in the following categories:

·        47 percent of the workforce optimization market share
·        47 percent of the contact center analytics market share
·        61 percent of the performance management market share
·        40 percent of the training market share

One IT analyst firm reported that the combination of Verint, Witness Systems and Mercom’s revenue and market shares for 2006 quality monitoring/recording and workforce optimization was 47 percent, which is roughly 12 percent higher than the next closest vendor in the category.

Datamonitor, a business information company specializing in industry analysis, noted in its “Trends and Technology in the Recording Industry: H2 2006” report that the combined Verint and Witness Systems represents 47 percent of the contact center analytics market, a share that is 20 percent higher than the next vendor.

A separate analyst firm has reported that speech analytics is one of the fastest growing segments of the contact center market. This firm reported that Verint and Witness combined are capitalizing on this trend and leading with 60,000 seats in production, more than any other competitor in the market.

The combined organizations are also recognized as the leader in quality monitoring, according to Tern Systems, a market research firm specializing in computer technology. In its annual “Voice/Data Recording Markets, Products, Suppliers 2007” report, the combined company leads the market with 61 percent of the 2006 quality monitoring CSR shipments compared to the next closest competitor with 12 percent.

Another IT industry firm has reported that Verint and Witness Systems have triple the market share in the area of contact center performance management. The combined organization leads with 57 percent share, trailed by its next competitor with 16 percent.

Verint and Witness Systems’ have also dominated the training market. According to Datamonitor, the combined company’s market share for the second half of 2006 totals 40 percent in the training category. This number is more than three times the market share of the next leading position.

"This collective research helps reinforce for our customers that we are the safe choice for their workforce optimization and analytics investments in their contact centers, branches and even in the back office," says Nancy Treaster, senior vice president and general manager, Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, in a Thursday statement.

"Third-party industry analyst validation of Verint and Witness' market leadership further reinforces the impact and value of the Verint and Witness combination for our customers, partners, employees and shareholders. We remain strongly committed to delivering innovative solutions to the market, helping organizations streamline business processes and enhance customer loyalty - and look forward to continuing the momentum."

The combination of Verint and Witness Systems has produced a solid player in the contact center industry that appears to be leading in four key areas. To have this confirmed by not one, but at least four third party firms is a testimony to the robust offerings of this company and its strong competitive positioning in the market.
Susan J. Campbell is a contributing editor for TMC and has also written for To see more of her articles, please visit Susan J. Campbell’s columnist page.
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