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Webinar Provides Priceless Tools to Turn Customer Feedback Into Profits

September 13, 2010

How closely do you listen to the voice of the customer? While a number of companies perform call monitoring and conduct surveys, how many of these organizations actually capture this information and use it to their advantage? If you have always wanted to turn customer feedback into profit, you won’t want to miss the upcoming MarketTools webinar.

Register today for the webinar, Transforming Feedback into Profits: Best Practices for Capturing and Acting on Voice of Customer Feedback in the Contact Center, scheduled for Tuesday, September 14 at 2PM EDT.

This webinar focuses on the importance of the contact center as the ideal place to capture customer satisfaction information as it is a critical customer touch point. The challenge for the organization is making it easy for customers to provide the right level of feedback at the right time. It is also important that this feedback is acted upon at the operational and strategic levels. 

A free and informative event, this webinar will feature real-world examples of how leading companies are taking feedback captured in the contact center and using it to their competitive advantage. Featured presenters include Justin Schuster, vice president of Enterprise Products at MarketTools, and Martha DeGraw, vice president of Product Management at West Interactive.

Webinar participates will learn how to save at-risk customers from deflecting to the competition; how to enhance the quality of service, reduce costs and streamline all operations; how to increase customer retention, renewals and recurring revenues; and pinpoint problems and opportunities according to individual agents, the entire team, a product, the region, a communication channel or even the customer type.

Attendees will also gain the skills they need to more effectively coach, recognize and reward service and support representatives for a better experience for all involved. The session will also offer insight on how to make investments in headcount, training, technology and equipment to produce the greatest payoff. And, most importantly, attendees will learn how to build long-term customer loyalty and generate the associated profits. 

Don’t miss this event; register today!

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