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ARRIS Announces ServAssure Live!

September 07, 2010

To provide Technical Service Representatives and Call Center Customer Service Representatives with real-time subscriber-centric service and device visibility, ARRIS, a global communications technology company has launched ServAssure Live!

ServAssure Live! can be used by Network Operations Center personnel to view the health status of devices in the network that are not directly tied to a subscriber, such as the CMTS and Call Management Server, thereby allowing instantaneous detection of service degradation, performance of diagnostics and remote repairs. 

TSRs/CSRs, through rapid problem identification and resolution are able to keep current customers happy and reduce overall churn. ServAssure Live!, rather than relying on a process of elimination in situations that can be addressed or repaired remotely, empowers Call Center personnel to quickly pinpoint the root cause of service issues and fix them. 

Customer premises equipment can automatically be discovered by ServAssure Live!, which allows the application to easily adapt to changes in the network without time consuming reconfiguration and manual setup. The standards-based Web Services interface of ServAssure Live! enables adaptable integration with existing data sources and positions the application as a trusted source of consistent data for the entire OSS infrastructure. 

For ease of deployment and on-going maintenance, ServAssure Live!, a flexible standalone system has been designed. Since, ServAssure Live! never involves manual device imports or scheduled polling activities, MSOs are not bogged down by daily process management tasks.  

"We are very excited to introduce ServAssure Live! to the Call Center employees at our customers' systems," ARRIS Assurance VP and GM Bailey Shewchuk, said. "They are the front line of customer service and need the most accurate information to be able to resolve customer problems in a timely and efficient manner, thus freeing up resources to be allocated to revenue-generating activities."

In related news, ARRIS has announced to release its second quarter 2010 financial results after the market close on Wednesday, July 28. In addition to that, ARRIS management will also carry out a conference call at 5 p.m. EDT on the same day to perform in-depth discussion on these results.

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