• VoiceBase Venture Redefines R & D
    VoiceBase announced a partnership with the University of Sheffield to create the Centre for Speech & Language Technology. Led by the VoiceBase team and speech & audio technology professor Thomas Hais it will serve to drive development in machine learning and artificial …
  • Aspect Unwraps CXP 18
    Today, Aspect Software took the wrapping off of the PCI II compliant Aspect CXP 18 at ICMI Contact Center Expo. The new release is aimed at empowering developers with tools necessary to create a robust self-service customer service solution capable of supporting the dem…
  • Aspect Awards Trends Top Honors
    Aspect Software recently honored its partners, spotlighting Trends as 2017 Worldwide Partner of the Year Award as well as the New Logo Sales Award. Trends separated from the pack with a strong record of sales growth and exceptional service.
  • 8x8 on AI Bolstering Bender
    This week, 8x8 announced the acquisition of Silicon Valley startup MarianaIQ (MIQ), making another AI notch on the cloud communication provider's belt. The MIQ addition brings deep learning capabilities and a team of AI aficionados an on board.
  • Bright Pattern Announces Integration with Google on Text-to-Speech
    In a recent release, Bright Pattern recently announced its integration with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech.
  • VOX Partners with Ocular on O!Connect
    O!Connect is VOX's hosted contact center solution, based on Aspect Software and delivered in partnership with Ocular Technologies.
  • How Customer Service Can Get Onboard with Digital Transformation
    For call center, contact center, and other customer service operations, AI, the cloud, omnichannel communications, and workforce management are key enabling technologies.
  • Really Simple Systems Enables 'Explicit Consent'
    Really Simple Systems announced the commencement of the second phase of a three phase plan to deliver a fully compliant solution. With each release, the CRM vendor is enhancing its integrated email marketing module, and today unveiled the ability for clients to record a…
  • Computenix Video Call Center Elevates Patient Engagement with WebRTC
    Computenix announced the arrival of the Computenix Video Call Center. The agent-assist tool allows patients to connect with healthcare professionals, support staff and more, delivering a high definition visual experience to patient care.
  • Amazon's Ring Adopts Aspect WFM Solution
    Ring has tapped Aspect Software to provide it with a workforce management solution. Aspect Via will be the exclusive WFM solution for more than 1,000 customer service agents at the home security company, which tech giant Amazon acquired earlier this month.
  • Cisco Reveals Cloud Customer Service Ambitions
    Cisco combines mid-market cloud contact center offerings into single solution, aims to address all aspects of the customer journey, and pronounces plans to be the cloud leader in the customer service market.
  • TCN, CallMiner Combine in Contact Center Solution
    This week, TCN and CallMiner unveiled an integration partnership putting the power of CallMiner Eureka within TCN's cloud contact center solution, Platform 3.0. The addition introduces exceptional speech analytics to improve customer service operations as well as minimi…
  • Serenova Adds to Senior Leadership
    CCaaS and WFO provider Serenova named a couple new members to its leadership team today. David Nelson will serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with Michelle Burrows taking over the post of Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Don't Put Customer Experience on the Backburner
    Instead of working to deliver great - or at least good - customer experiences, many businesses today simply outsource customer service, or focus on customer service only when things go bad and customers get mad. That's a big mistake, since companies spend big money and …
  • Aspect Software Recognizes the Real Customer Service Gems
    Aspect Software announced the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award geared toward rewarding exceptional customer service agents who over exceed on expectations. The inaugural winners of the GEM Award are as follows: Andy Johnston, Contact System Analyst at Arvest Bank and Ro…
  • Aspect Garners Contact Center Scheduling Patent
    Aspect Software garnered a new patent for modeling and simulating the interaction dynamics of chat, email, IM, social media and other text-based digital customer communications.
  • Reinventing the Contact Center
    Are human agents still a necessity as bots are replacing the need for a live being, saving time and resources?
  • ZaiLab Putting the Cloud into Cloud Contact Center
    Security has become an even bigger issue, but not one that's unique to cloud providers, but one that impacts every provider, business, and individual user on a daily basis. Security risk has, one might say, become a technology standard, but one that cloud providers are …
  • Verint Announces AI-powered Virtual Assistant
    Verint released new customer self-service capabilities that include AI-powered enterprise chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants - riding projections of virtual assistants to play a major role in customer service in the coming years.
  • 8x8 X Series Provides Integrated Customer, Collaboration Experiences
    8x8's new X Series solution enables organizations to break down the departmental and communication medium barriers that prevent them from delivering a unified customer experience throughout their enterprises.
  • VoiceBase AU Addresses Australian Data Protection Acts
    This week, VoiceBase unveiled VoiceBase AU. Coming Q2 of this year, the new service will offer an instance of the VoiceBase speech API platform online to deliver Australian organizations complete control over call data.
  • Vonage Unveils Initial 'Building Blocks'
    This week, Vonage announced the arrival of real-time sentiment analysis and skills-based communications routing technologies to its repertoire. A product of the Nexmo Partner Program leveraging Vonage's API platform, this is only the beginning in a new approach Vonage i…
  • Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, NICE, Ozonetel & More
    Digital transformation is a theme touching all points of business, riding the momentum of the cloud contact center solutions are ushering in change in a big way. Our omnichannel, always-on, always plugged in world demands much from customer service, and those on the for…
  • Aspect Introduces AI Assistant Suite
    This week, at the annual HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society) conference, Aspect Software unveiled the Aspect AI Assistant Suite, putting Natural Language Understanding (NLU) chatbots and voicebots to work providing omni-channel self-service and…
  • Ozonetel Unveils AI-driven Contact Center Solutions
    Yesterday, Indian-based Ozonetel announced the arrival of its AI driven contact center solution, unveiling three modules for the contact center and showcased the product roadmap. The first three AI driven applications include: Speech API, Smart Assistant Tools and Kooko…
  • Robotic Process Automation Makes Compliance 'NICE'
    Today, NICE unveiled enhancements to its robotic process automation platform that promise to provide operational compliance with GDPR.
  • Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, CallMiner, Kaplan Group & More
    Digital transformation is a theme touching all points of business, riding the momentum of the cloud contact center solutions are ushering in change in a big way. Our omnichannel, always-on, always plugged in world demands much from customer service, and those on the for…
  • What Call Center Agents Can Learn about Getting to Yes
    Selling something that doesn't fit a customer's needs or desires is a quick route to bad word of mouth. In the past, it took a while for bad word of mouth to catch up to a company. But now, companies can be ruined by bad online reviews in the blink of a tweet.
  • Aspect, CallMiner Come Together to Provide Compliance
    This week, two titans of the contact center space announced a new partnership in the name of MiFID II compliance. Aspect Software and CallMiner unveiled a joint solution to aid in identifying, measuring and mitigating risk in an omnichannel environment for financial ins…
  • Top Tips for Effortless Call Center Operations-Best Practices For 2018
    Implementing best practices for effortless call center operations is vital in 2018 and beyond. Advancement in technology and rise in competition is another factor or complication faced by call centers.
  • Aspect Deploys Afiniti for Contact Center Routing
    If it feels like a customer service agent truly understands you, technology might be responsible to thank for the match up. This is the case for Aspect Software, now deploying Afiniti's Enterprise Behavioral Pairing and Aspect Unified Unified IP 7.3 Service Pack 5. Thro…
  • Twilio Reportedly Readying Contact Center API Bundle
    Rumor has it that Twilio is planning to unveil an API bundle that makes it easier for developers to create contact center solutions. TechCrunch has reported this news, saying that Twilio will announce the new offering - called Flex - next month.
  • Genesys Brings PureCloud to New Markets
    Genesys is expanding the PureCloud solution it first introduced back in 2016. It's extending this cloud-based internet telephony offering in various global markets. Plus it is now providing customers with the ability to choose their own carriers.
  • Upstream Appoints a New SVP, Worldwide Sales
    Andy McDonald has been appointed Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales at Upstream Works. The announcement was made Wednesday, February 14 by the Omnichannel Contact Center solutions provider.
  • How Well is Your Omnichannel System Performing?
    Businesses are doing what needs to be done to improve customer experience. This includes offering an omnichannel experience as opposed to the old-fashioned direct-call method.
  • Focusing on the Value of Chatbots at ITEXPO
    Chatbots are rapidly expanding across the business communications landscape, as consumer demand grows for fast and efficient customer service interactions. According to Hubspot, 55 percent of consumers are now interested in interacting with business messaging apps when …
  • Organizations Find the Visually Impaired Can Be a Valuable Call Center Resource
    Businesses and organizations looking to outsource call center and email support are finding expert help in an often overlooked place - right here in the U.S. among the nation's individuals who are blind or visually impaired.
  • Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Margot, LumenVox, and More
    Contact Center Solutions was all about making life easier through artificial intelligence (AI) and it went all the way to wine selection. If you did not get a chance to catch up on any of it, this is the perfect time for the Contact Center Solutions Week in Review.
  • DDV a Certified LumenVox Partner
    LumenVox and Digital DataVoice (DDV) announced DDV is now a LumenVox Skills Certified Partner.
  • Passage.AI Joins NICE inContact DEVone
    Passage.AI has joined the NICE inContact DEVone program. The Passage.AI application is integrated with NICE inContact Cxone. This new DEVone member provides a conversational bot-building application. It's based on patent-pending natural language understanding and proces…
  • Margot Makes Wine Selection Easy
    Picking the perfect wine is not always easy. With all the innovation taking place in areas like artificial intelligence (AI), automation and more, putting it to work to optimize your dining experience isn't such a bad idea. In fact, one of the U.K.'s fastest growing ret…
  • Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, BBX, and More
    Contact Center Solutions saw everything from artificial intelligence to a new cloud contact center solution. There was also the offering of tips on how to minimize consumer turnover, in an industry where customer and agent satisfaction keeps the wheels on the bus moving…
  • BBX Introduces Cloud Contact Center Solution
    BBX Technologies has come out with a cloud-based contact center solution called Vuesion Sky. This adds to the company's portfolio, which already features a premises-based offering called Vuesion.
  • Salesforce, Sabio, eGain Join Avaya AI Effort
    Avaya has welcomed three new members to its A.I. Connect initiative. The newcomers are eGain, Sabio, and Salesforce. The companies will contribute their artificial intelligence solutions to the Avaya ecosystem. A.I.
  • Minimize Customer Churn: Take Personalization to the Next-Level
    Consumer appetite for intelligent home technologies is likely to continue its rapid growth, making gifts such as Wi-Fi enabled thermostats the most sought-after items to give and receive well after the holiday season is over.
  • Aspect Key Ingredient to Cable Industry Customer Service Success
    Reaping the rewards of a cable industry contact center revolution is Aspect Software, as it boasts recent number of cloud workforce optimization customer wins in the space to the tune of nearly 100,000 seats. This presence puts Aspect in the lead spot for North American…
  • Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Aspect, Avtex, and More
    Enhancing the customer experience is the theme for Contact Center Solutions this week. It started with a North American certification and finished strong with the unveiling of a new product from 3CLogic. This seems like the appropriate time for the Contact Center Soluti…
  • 3C Connect Takes Legacy to the Cloud
    3CLogic revealed its latest product, 3C Connect, which seamlessly integrates legacy or on-premises telephony and CRM systems. This release is to directly addresses businesses desire to mesh legacy services with cloud-based CRM platforms.
  • Salesforce CXone Agent Announced
    This week, NICE inContact announced the general availability of the NICE inContact CXone Agent for Salesforce on the Salesforce AppExchange. With the addition, users can take advantage of a robust contact center experience, with WFO, customer history, controls and more …
  • Avtex Buys QoS Telesys from Genesys
    Customer service solution provider Genesys has sold its QoS Telesys contact center consulting business to Avtex. The value of the deal, which was announced earlier this month, was not disclosed.