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TMCNet:  Fortemedia's Voice Processing Solution Selected for Metro PCS Coolpad Quattro 4G Phone

[September 28, 2012]

Fortemedia's Voice Processing Solution Selected for Metro PCS Coolpad Quattro 4G Phone

TMCnet Contributor
Fortemedia has announced that Metro PCS is using the company's advanced voice processing technology, "Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!" in its new Coolpad Quattro 4G phone.
When speaking on the phone in public places, background noise is a problem for people on both sides of the phone. Many techniques have been tried out till date to reduce the background noise and enhance the speaker's voice.
As Fortemedia's new chip brightens the voice to make it stand out from background noise in the environment, users of the new Coolpad Quattro 4G phone will have a voice understood easily. This allows ease of talking and listening.
The technology is provided on the Fortemedia chip, used in mobile phones, tablets and mobile devices, as well as automotive applications.
"This is our first smartphone launch in [the] U.S. market and we want to make sure we serve our mobile customers in the best possible way," said Mr. Su, VP of the Marketing Department at Coolpad. "Fortemedia's voice processing software, "Listen and Sound Better. Anywhere!" fits the bill and allows our users to have a clear conversation regardless where they are or to whom they are talking.

Today's smartphones must provide an improved voice quality and a pleasant call experience for all mobile users. Metro PCS will continue to innovate and partner with companies like Coolpad to provide enhanced solutions to the marketplace with increasing demand for Fortemedia's voice processing solutions by the leading handset makers on their signature phones.
In 2011, the company announced that for mobile applications based on its SAM VE, the company's FM34-500 is the latest dual microphone noise suppression and echo cancellation chip. The voice inclusion zone created by SAM VE completely separates a caller's voice and filters out unwanted background noises.
With superior voice quality for mobile communications and voice search applications, the result is a pure and clear full duplex conversation.

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