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[February 26, 2006]


(Sunday Mirror Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)HEARTLESS JOE Dowse sneaked back into Ireland to give evidence in a court case to decide the future of the "son" he gave away.

The accountant flew into Ireland in August, September and November last year as the Irish courts tried to sort out the legal mess surrounding abandoned Tristan.

As the Sunday Mirror exclusively revealed last April Tristan was adopted by Dowse and his Azeri wife, Lala, in July 2001.

But just 18 months later, after Tristan had been a full member of the wealthy Dowse family living in Jakarta, Indonesia, Joe abandoned him in an orphanage outside the city.

According to orphanage staff, Tristan, an Irish citizen who has a full Irish passport, was distraught at the abandonment and refused to play with the toys left behind by Joe Dowse.

Joe and Lala later left Indonesia to start a new life in Azerbaijan.

Tristan languished in the orphanage until he was discovered by our reporter Ann McElhinney.

His sad plight sparked a massive outcry across Ireland.

Eventually the government took the Dowses to court to force them to support Tristan.

During the case Sunday Mirror reporter Ann McElhinney managed to find Suryani, Tristan's natural mother and under the strict supervision of the Indonesian authorities they were reunited. They are now living together in Suryani's home town of Tegal.

It was this court case that meant Joe Dowse had to return to Ireland to give evidence.

In a judgment, delivered earlier this week to a packed courtroom, Justice John MacMenamin was stinging in his criticism of Joe and Lala Dowse.

"In a form signed by the applicants for... the original adoption they wrote that they wished to raise Tristan as if he was their 'own flesh and blood'.

"What occurred is difficult to reconcile with that statement. It is hard to conceive of the effect which these traumatic changes must have had on this young child."

Justice MacMenamin also found that Joe had misrepresented other aspects of his treatment of Tristan.

The judge found that although Joe Dowse, received permission from the Jakarta courts to give Tristan to another couple and told the Irish adoption Board he had done so - he actually placed the child in an orphanage.

Dowse who grew up in Carnew, Co Wicklow, will now have pick up the EUR 100,000 bill to pay for Tristan's upbringing until he is 18.

In his only interview about the case Joe Dowse, who now lives in Azerbaijan, said: "We came to a painful realisation that the adoption wasn't working out."

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