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Earthlink Unveils Hosted Contact Center Solution

With more and more call centers moving to the United States, finding ways for those call centers to stay ahead of the competition has become more important than ever. Call centers are also working twice as hard to find ways to make employees that much more productive so they can serve the company and its customers. Earthlink believes it has one such solution with the arrival of its new Hosted Contact Center. [ Read More ]

Accenture Releases Survey on Digital Police Solutions

Accenture has released a new survey on digital police solutions and how police can better serve their citizens using technology. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Aspect Software and Nice Systems

What an unusual week in the Contact Center Solutions Community. I never thought I would use the word "war" in an article for the community, but interestingly in different context I ended up using it not once but twice. [ Read More ]

Aspect Software Declares War in Workforce Optimization Market

We may be closing in on the holiday season and a time of "good cheer," but reality is that competition in business is a 24/7/365 affair. And, depending on whether you are a competitor or possible customer, it looks like this holiday season thanks to a new initiative by customer experience solutions provider Aspect Software you are either looking at a possible lump of coal in you X-mas stocking or a valuable present. The reason is Aspect has dropped the gloves in the hotly contested Workforce Opt… [ Read More ]

Ozonetel Integrates CloudAgent with Zoho CRM

A big part of improving the customer experience, regardless of whether you are an enterprise or a service provider, is breaking down the silos of customer information that exist inside an organization. Having a full view of the customer is important to customer lifecycle management and hence the overall customer experience. And, one of the big places to look for enhancing visibility into all things customer related is obviously tight integration with various capabilities with customer relationsh… [ Read More ]

LiveVox Data Center to Bring Cloud Contact Center Capabilities to Canada

As financial results from various contact center and unified communications (UC) solutions providers continue to flow in for this quarter two things are becoming increasingly clear. First, is that those seeking to upgrade their customer experience capabilities are accelerating the adoption of the cloud and hybrid solutions as their preferred path. Second, is that North America continues to be the hotbed of this with not just the large U.S. market as a target of opportunity, but also the vibrant … [ Read More ]

Contact Centers Join the Fight-JITC Certifies T-Metrics Contact Center on Microsoft Lync 2013

For the last 10 years, T-Metrics has designed, developed, and deployed numerous approved products on APLITS (Approved Products List Integrated Tracking System. As of today, T-Metrics is the only provider of contact center software that has been JITC certified to work on Microsoft Lync 2013, and their solution can be found on the Approved Products List (APL) for purchase by Department of Defense organizations at [ Read More ]

Fully Engaging Patients with Doctors, Nurses, and Facilities to Enable Better Healthcare

For anyone who has been in a hospital recently, you know that responsiveness from check-in to admission to bedside care to check out can be to be polite a time-consuming nightmare. [ Read More ]

TouchPoint One Upgrades Acuity Cloud Contact Center Performance Management Software

The late New York City Mayor Ed Koch was famous for starting most of his public appearances with the question, "So how am I doing?" That is a question that contact center administrators are constantly asking about the performance of their operations, especially their agents although the question is about "We" and not "I". [ Read More ]

Canon Ranks in Top 10 Percent of Companies for Customer Service

Top-notch customer service is all too rare these days, particularly among larger, well known enterprises. But Canon U.S.A. has defied the odds by winning a Center of Excellence certification from Benchmark Portal for the sixth year in a row. The company ranks in the top 10 percent of companies for the efficiency and effectiveness of its support, according to the research firm. [ Read More ]

Wheelings & Dealings: Qualfon Acquisition of Center Partners get nod as Small-Market Deal of Year for 2014

For those who are frequent visitors to the Contact Center Solutions Community, you know that we like to report on recognition that community members get. However, recognition can cover a lot of ground so not always does it involve a company receiving an award for providing great customer services. [ Read More ]

Managing the Customer Experience- 'Hold on I'm Coming' is Not an Answer

In looking for trends regarding the customer experience, it is always a delight to run across somebody sharing fact-based insights on critical matters of this or any day. It was thus illuminating to happen upon a timely posting by author Shep Hyken on the B2C website titled, "How To Manage Hold Times During The Customer Experience." It is a short but powerful piece about a true bane of modern existence, being put on hold. [ Read More ]

City of San Antonio Leverages Customer Mobile and Open311 Cloud Framework to Mobilize Citizen-Centric Government

Customer engagement covers a lot of ground since customers are not only those of enterprises but governments as well. This is under-scored with the recent announcement that KANA Software, a Verint company, has its Customer Mobile application and Open311 cloud infrastructure combination being used effectively by the City of San Antonio, Texas to help residents access information and request city services from their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence adds NCBS as Elite Partner for Saudi Arabia

Indianapolis, IN-based customer experience solutions provider Interactive Intelligence is fulfilling its promise of continued expansion of its international footprint through a combination of direct sales and channel partners. The most recent extension of the company's reach is the recent signing of Company for Business Solutions (NCBS), represented by Eng. Zaid Bin Abdullah Al Shabanat (CEO), as an 'Elite' partner. Under the terms of the agreement, NCBS will sell, implement and service Interact… [ Read More ]

NICE Systems Joins FIDO Alliance to Help Shape Customer Authentication Standards

Ra'Anana, Israel-based NICE Systems is the latest member of the FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance, the growing global organization working on global specifications and standards for simplified user authentication. For those in the contact center solutions community who are unaware of FIDO, a visit to the organization's website is something to seriously consider. [ Read More ]

TELUS Launches Two Cloud Services for Collaboration and Contact Centers

Everything is moving to the cloud, and traditional service providers are getting in on the act in a big way. Indicative of this is the announcement from Toronto, Canada-based national telecom services provider TELUS, which has introduced not one but two new solutions aimed at helping Canadian businesses leverage cloud-based technology to improve how they communicate with their customers, employees and partners. [ Read More ]

Pharmaceutical Call Centers, Product Information Training is Front and Center

The life of a call center agent has never really been described as easy; even with the growing amount of technological developments we have for the call center, there are still plenty of everyday issues for the reps to address. The pharmaceutical call center in the United States, meanwhile, is facing issues of its own, as a new report from Cutting Edge Information notes that pharmaceutical call center training in the U.S is now focused on product information, with better than 55 percent of train… [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Nice Systems and Bright Pattern

This week in the Contact Center Solutions Community can probably best be summarized as one where the industry has been putting more muscle on those bones through new partnerships and capabilities. Plus, there are some nice customer wins and implementations that were highlighted along with new people to watch and market changes to understand according to industry analysts. [ Read More ]

Converged Technology Professionals Receives ShoreTel Customer Satisfaction Award

While it may seem obvious in the vendor community, especially as customers have more choices and have become more fickle, partners are important. They are important because they expand reach, and in many instances they are the ones that have customer intimacy, i.e., they are the way in which customers experience not just their brand but yours. [ Read More ]

Brazil's AES Eletropaulo Finds NICE Real-Time Solutions Electrify Customer Experiences

Ra'anana, Israel-based NICE Systems describes itself as a company that provides software solutions that, "Enable organizations to take the next best action in order to improve customer experience and business results, ensure compliance, fight financial crime, and safeguard people and assets." And, while that may seem like a lot of deliverable, the company's NICE Real-Time Process Optimization solution has been deployed by AES Eletropaulo, a major power distributor in Brazil, and with significant… [ Read More ]

Yellow Radio Service Reports Benefits of Interactive Intelligence Communications Suite

Yellow Radio Service of San Diego is a taxi cab and transportation dispatch company that provides information for more than 300 vehicles every day. Until recently, it had to deal with downtime associated with its legacy communication system because of power outages and technical issues. Recently, though, it adopted the Interactive Intelligence software suite, the Customer Interaction Center (CIC), and has reported an increase in uptime and satisfaction with its services. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Formally Introduces Jeff Platon as New Chief Marketing Officer

Last month, on their Q3 2014 earnings call with analysts, customer experience solutions provider Interactive Intelligence verbally announced that industry veteran Jeff Platon had accepted an offer to be the new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Company executives noted at the time that a formal introduction was forthcoming, and this week it arrived. [ Read More ]

Nobel Harmony v4 Adds Remote and Mobile Contact Center Management Functionalities

Unlike the contact centers of old where managers only had to deal with a couple of technologies, today they have a wide range of solutions they can use to offer a customer service that is almost intuitive in meeting the needs of the consumer. The Internet, big data analytics, cloud computing, social media and mobile are just some of the options available to businesses [ Read More ]

NewVoiceMedia Partners with idio to Transform Sales and Service Performance

One of the most interesting things going on in the customer experience sector is watching the development of ecosystems and partnership surrounding vendors trying to fill in all the gaps of having comprehensive solutions in an increasingly omni-channel world. In fact, the devil as they say, really is in the details. Matching up contact center capabilities with things like CRM, CEM, and automated marketing technologies has become fascinating to watch as the industry goes through a major structura… [ Read More ]

3CLogic and Envision Partner on Enhanced Workforce Optimization for Contact Centers

Our world, and absolutely our industry is filled with acronyms. In terms of general usage, the term Unidentified Flying Object is instantly recognized as UFO. In the contact center solutions world identification is also key. Indeed, to produce operational efficiency and effectiveness and drive the creation of compelling customer experiences, making sure customers interact with the right people at the right time with the right tools has become an imperative. Hence, having the tools to identify an… [ Read More ]

APAC Contact Center Market Makes Sweeping Change, Focuses on the Customer

While no two markets ever shift in quite the same way, it's never really a surprise to see markets change. People want different things out of just about everything over the course of a lifetime, so the idea of a changing market isn't a surprise, even if the timing and the methods often are. One major change in the market has come from the Asia-Pacific (APAC) contact center market, and there, the change is a rather fundamental one. Where before, the big focus was technology, now, the big focus i… [ Read More ]

From Plain Telephony to a Rich Contact Experience

A retrospective look at the evolution of communications technology in contact centers [ Read More ]

LiveOps Announces Agent Recruitment Platform Update

Cloud contact center software provider LiveOps recently announced the launch of its new agent recruitment platform and its intention to provide a subsequent release of the new LiveOps University 2.0 that will allow existing call center agents to improve skill sets. [ Read More ]

Pacific Source Adopts the Optymyse Platform for its Contact Center

One of the many mandates in the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to introduce efficiencies in the healthcare industry with a comprehensive integration of information and communications technologies (ICTs) throughout the system. This has resulted in the adoption of electronic health records (EHR) or electronic medical records (EMR), telehealth and mHealth, providing improved services. This has allowed care givers and patients to be more proactive in everything from the care they receive to how they a… [ Read More ]

Verint Announces Details of KANA Enterprise Update

Verint, a producer of customer service software for businesses, recently announced the release of its KANA Enterprise platform that it says has been updated to enhance the methods enterprises use to engage with their customers. [ Read More ]

Omnichannel: The What, Why, and How

In the past year the contact center industry has embraced a new term, omnichannel, with some crowning this term as the successor to the now familiar term multichannel. What has changed to provoke this new term? Well, first, consumer habits have shifted. What began with handling e-mail and web chat, has now expanded to SMS, social media, mobile, and video. As consumer communications habits change, so does the way they expect to engage with businesses to resolve their problems. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Sprint, Enghouse

The business of the Contact Center Solutions Community was on display this week as there were plenty of interesting new capabilities and partnerships to report. Sprinkled in were also some research and insightful advice on market trends. [ Read More ]

NetFortris Adds PCI-Compliant Credit Card Security, Skills-based Routing to Contact Center Solution

One of the things that headlines and reports have focused on as what can be characterized as the soft under-belly of contact centers is the challenge of enhancing the security of all that critical information that agents handle along with the ability to ensure it is in compliance. The answer for those looking for solutions may lie in the cloud. This is exemplified by the announcement from cloud-based voice and data networking solutions provider, San Francisco, Calif.-based NetFortris who is out … [ Read More ]

Avaya Includes Prognosis Trial with Every Avaya Aura Communication Manager Order

Access to the download for the 60-day trial is now available from the Avaya customer portal exclusively for Avaya customers purchasing new or additional Avaya Aura Communication Manager licenses. It is also of note that Prognosis is also compatible with other platforms, including Cisco and Microsoft Lync. [ Read More ]

VimpelCom's Beeline Picks Amdocs to Boost Customer Satisfaction

This concentration on customer experience as recent similar announcements from service providers around the world is a welcomed trend. As all of us who have had less than wonderful experiences doing things like activating mobile phones, trying to figure out our bills or getting failed features to work can attest, not getting our issues resolved is a top reason for looking at alternatives. This is a universal frustration and at least we can take comfort in the fact that executives at our service … [ Read More ]

Sprint Highlights Importance of Customer Care Amid Layoffs

So if you think that all of the talk by C-levels about the differentiated value from enhanced customer experience is just talk, guess again. There is proof in the pudding. [ Read More ]

Enghouse Interactive Mobile IVR Navigator

Sometimes we take what is essentially contact center solutions plumbing for granted. In fact, we have all become so accustomed to interfacing with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) capabilities that we are surprised when we call an organization that we don't hear an automated menu of connection options. [ Read More ]

TantaComm and Teleopti Combine on New Workforce Optimization Solution

As any contact center administrator knows, one of the biggest challenges-aside from meeting resolution metrics-is managing the workforce. The objectives are to somehow make sure the right people are available at the right time with the right tools to hit those resolution metrics and create compelling customer experiences. [ Read More ]

Getting Well by Better Engaging Patients to Help Them Get and Stay Healthy

Contact centers and omni-channel interactions are playing and increasingly important role in healthcare. [ Read More ]

Customer Journey: SAP Finds Americans want Shared Values and Personalized Brand Experiences

Hearing the "Voice of the Customer" is always a good thing for marketers. SAP wanted to listen, and hopefully have brand stewards hear customer voices. SAP conducted a poll of 3,000 American consumers, ages 18 and older, in October to help organizations improve their understanding of customer happiness and encourage brand loyalty as customers take the journey from consideration to purchase. [ Read More ]

Social Routing in the Contact Center - the Changing Role of the 'Customer' in Customer Service

Social routing is an emerging trend, a way in which contact centers can more accurately meet the needs of their customers. But how is this different from what we're doing at the moment? The answer lies in describing the modern day customer. [ Read More ]

Phone Channel Fraud is a Growing Threat to Call Centers

Cyber risk is something that most businesses are starting to be aware of, thanks to high-impact data breaches at retailers like Home Depot and Target. But fraud within the phone channel is less likely to be a focus for companies-even though it's a growing trend. [ Read More ]

iG04 Partners Turns to Interactive Intelligence for Contact Center Solution

The lifeblood of insurance companies is handling all types of customer inquiries efficiently and effectively. It is why so much attention by insurers has been paid recently to substantially up-grading/transforming their customer interaction capabilities from handling claims to automating all aspects of what has been a labor intensive workflow environment. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Q3 Earnings-Cloudy is a Good Thing and New CMO Announced

Indianapolis, IN-based global customer experience software and services company Interactive Intelligence Group released its financial results for the third-quarter of 2014 (Q3) ended September 30, 2014. The results continue a series of quarters where the company's focus on the cloud and the role it is playing in overall results continues to dominate the short-term results as well as the long term prospects. [ Read More ]

Customer Experience Investments to be Enterprise Priority for Next Five Years says Forrester

It is always interesting to see what the ICT industries' top analysts are saying about the future, especially those brave enough to look past the next few quarters. For this reason, the good folks at Forrester Research's annual perspectives on the top emerging technologies to watch, which in its latest iteration looks out to the year 2020, are more than food for thought. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Charges for Speaking to Agent is Bad Trend

With the holiday season approaching, the Contact Center Solutions Community was filled this week with interesting insights and advice along with some interest developments. [ Read More ]

Appeals Court OKs Redbox's Customer Info Disclosure to Third Parties

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, based in Chicago, has given its approval of Redbox's practices for disclosing customer information to a third party regarding customer service issues. [ Read More ]

On How to Avoid Challenges and Added Costs of Open Enrollment Period for 'Obamacare'

If you live in the U.S., consider this a type of public service announcement. We are about to enter the open enrollment period for 2015 as part of the continuing rollout of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), which has become better known as "Obamacare." As we are all aware, the initial rollout of Obamacare was problematic-to put it politely. However, the good news is that, thanks to some great work by the IT industry experts called in to fix it, is working bet… [ Read More ]

Getting Ready for the Holiday Rush-The Role of Customer Experience Transformation

It should be no surprise to anyone that the holiday season is fast-approaching, which means "all hands on deck" in the contact centers of retailers. And, as we move into what can best be characterized as the "Omni-channel Era" when it comes to providing a compelling customer experience, retailers are busy transforming virtually every aspect of how to provide such experiences. [ Read More ]

When it comes to Contact Center Agents 'Mind the Gap'

As content curator and contributor to the Contact Center Solutions Community, part of my function is to review information and insights from around the Web and illuminate them to our readers. In this regard, I would like to recommend an insightful posting from IT-Online titled, "How to differentiate customer experience." [ Read More ]

Survey: Deloitte Optimistic for Increased US Holiday Spending

Professional services firm Deloitte, which completes financial advisory surveys, has released the annual holiday shopping survey for nearly three decades. This year's survey, the 29th annual, shows that U.S. shoppers are optimistic entering the season for giving, which also happens to be the season for shopping. [ Read More ]

Dialing for Votes

Depending on how you feel about such things, next-generation predictive dialers have become an integral, dare I say "must have" capability for political campaigns. Indeed, with the U.S. elections only days away, anyone living here not only is more than aware from watching TV that the "get out the vote" efforts are already in full swing as the airwaves are saturated with ads, but this has become that time of year when caller ID and answering systems are a godsend. [ Read More ]

Survey: Mobile Experience Trumps Brand Loyalty Among Gen Y, Millennials

Retailers be warned - brand loyalty counts for less and less among younger consumers, who are likely to head to competitors if their mobile experience isn't what they think it should be. [ Read More ]

Xerox Virtual Customer Care Agent Soon to Enter the Market

Today, many companies are working toward simplifying the workplace so that they can allocate more time and resources to their core business. WDS is one such company dedicated to making it customer's life easier. Recently, the company has introduced an intelligent, virtual customer care agent that can recognize and resolve customer questions in the same way a human agent would. [ Read More ]

Cyara Partners with GlobalNet

Cyara, a provider of integrated, automated customer communication systems testing software, recently announced that GlobalNet, a company that provides customer experience innovation lifecycle services, has joined the company's Expert Partner Program. As a result, Cyara's contact center testing software has been integrated with GlobalNet's Customer Experience Innovation Lifecycle, expanding Cyara's market in North America. [ Read More ]

The Personalization of Patient Care

There is little dispute that the healthcare system is not just one of the largest vertical markets for the consumption of modern technology in general but for ICT-related solutions specifically. Whether it is the digitization of medical records, the establishment of healthcare exchanges in the U.S., telemedicine, enhanced communications for first responders, etc. The appetite for ICT is almost insatiatable. [ Read More ]

VitalVox Selects Indosoft's Q-Suite

Indosoft, a provider of multi-tenant call center software, recently announced that its Q-Suite has been selected by VitalVox, a provider of hosted call center and PBX services. With Q-Suite, VitalVox will enable its clients to lower their total cost of ownership. [ Read More ]

UIL Holdings Teams with Accenture and Structure to Implement Ventyx Solution

UIL Holdings, the parent company of The United Illuminating Company (UI), has selected Accenture, Structure and Ventyx to help improve customer communications and reduce the impact of outages by implementing outage lifecycle management solution. [ Read More ]

Ebola Hotline Call Center Inaugurated in California

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has a high mortality rate, with close to 70 percent of patients dying of the disease. This outbreak and the handful of cases that have appeared in North America and Europe have raised concerns about how infectious the disease is and how to recognize its symptoms. [ Read More ]

Employers, Do Your Part: Onboarding is Paramount

Getting the right person for the job is important but that hinges a lot on new hires starting right in the new job. The parabola of success depends on how employees are hired. [ Read More ]

AltiGen Announces Interoperability with Polycom

AltiGen Communications has announced that the company has optimized Polycom's complete portfolio of business-class VoIP phones. This means these phones can now be installed with AltiGen's entire product line. [ Read More ]

Just When You Thought the Airline Customer Experience Couldn't Get Worse

For those with a longish memory you may recall that the banks-another industry which along with telecoms and hospitality companies have never met a service they did not wish to charge for or a new fee they tried to enforce-got a communal wrist slap when they attempted to charge a fee for speaking with a teller rather than use an ATM machine. [ Read More ]

Is Your Hold Music Doing More Harm Than Good?

Hold music has often been billed as one of the great solutions to call centers' wait time issues. It lets the customer know that the hold is still going, as opposed to having been disconnected midway through the wait for some reason, and it also gives the customer something to do to relax said customer and divert the attention. But there are some songs that really shouldn't be a part of a musical hold system in the first place, and a recent study from Face for Business shows off just what some o… [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence Lync Integration

The Contact Center Solutions Community continues to grow in terms of both jobs and the reach of community interests as this week's news highlights. [ Read More ]

Case Study: A Web-based Forecasting Solution for Sizeable Contact Centers

Technological advances over the past decade have led to an explosion of data. Companies across all industries are working hard to learn how to harness this data to improve their business operations and run more efficiently. This is the same story for the contact center solutions community - using data effectively can help with workload management and staffing optimization. The case study below demonstrates how two companies, Fourworkx and Shinetech Software, worked together to move workforce man… [ Read More ]

Westpac Relies on Teradata Insights to Enhance Customer Experience

Australian bank Westpac selects Teradata solutions to get better insights for improving customer experience. [ Read More ]

No Missing Links with Interactive Intelligence Lync Integration

There can be little denying that the Holy Grail for enhancing customer experiences is to absolutely ensure that the right people have the right tools at the right time to efficiently and effectively respond to customers in real-time. This is the reason so much attention and investment by vendors and their customers alike is being placed on omni-channel capabilities. [ Read More ]

FCC Issues Report on April 911 Outage

911 service are one of those things that people expect to be there when they need it. An outage in April of this year knocked out 911 service to 11 million people, and the Federal Communications Commission has released a damning report, according to Threatpost. [ Read More ]

Ogilvy & Mather Launches Global Center for Data Excellence

Ogilvy & Mather, one of the largest marketing communications companies in the world, has launched a global center for data excellence known as of OgilvyAmp. [ Read More ]

Putting the 'I' in IVR with Virtual Assistants

There are countless reasons for calling customer service centers. Too often, the result is a virtual interaction that multiplies the negative experience with the brand and gives IVR a bad name. [ Read More ]

jobs4america Records 16,080 Net New US Contact Center Jobs Created in Q3

jobs4america is a coalition of forward-looking business leaders committed to creating jobs in America. [ Read More ]

Dialogic IMG 2020 Now Avaya Compliant

Dialogic Inc., a Network Fuel company, recently announced that its IMG 2020 Integrated Media Gateway is now Avaya compliant. The solution is now compatible with Avaya Aura Experience Portal 7.0, Avaya Aura Communication Manager6.3 and Avaya Aura Session Manager 6.3 as an integrated media gateway. [ Read More ]

Sitel to Create 300 New Jobs

Sitel, a global customer care provider, recently announced its plans to strengthen the staff at its customer care call center in Hamilton, Alabama. The company will hire 300 professionals to offer inbound customer support for its new client. [ Read More ]

Cost Savings or Customer Experience? It Doesn't Have to be a Choice

It's a simple fact - customers expect quality. They expect things to work. They expect not to have problems. That said, most accept they may encounter issues from time to time but, when they do, they expect quick and easy resolution. In other words, they expect your customer service to work. "Work," though, may mean very different things in terms of having appropriate resolution mechanisms in place, depending largely on the personal preferences of the customer. [ Read More ]

Sitel Looking to Add 200 Jobs to Florida Call Center

As one report after another shows that call centers are returning to the United States in droves, communities all over the country are reaping the benefits. One such community is Lake City, Florida; where Sitel has just announced its plans to add as many as 200 positions to its call center. Sitel is one company that has made a rather productive go of it when it comes to the call center business. The firm has been so successful as a matter of fact that it actually has received business from other… [ Read More ]

TicketNetwork Creates Jobs

TicketNetwork, a ticketing software provider, recently announced that it successfully hosted an open house job fair at its South Windsor headquarters. As per officials from the company, more than 45 applicants participated and 20 percent of them got the offers. Most of the professionals were hired for regular and seasonal inbound sales representative positions in its call center. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Dell, Opower, TeleTech Address Customer Experience

The week in contact center solutions saw the introduction by Opower of a new solution to the marketplace, the partnership of Dell and Medallia, the announcement of a new TeleTech call center in the lone star state, and the awarding of accolades to Ambs Call Center. [ Read More ]

Opower's Customer Engagement Platform Gets a Makeover with New Analytic Tools

Enterprises all over the world, across many industries and sectors, have woken up to the importance of delivering sound customer service. The utility sector is no exception. In fact, at a time when the earth's fossil fuel reserves are fast diminishing, the gas, water and electric utility companies are striving to take the customer relationship to a far deeper level, so that they may find themselves in a better position to influence their customers to adopt more sustainable lifestyles and minimiz… [ Read More ]

Ambs Call Center Presented with 2014 CAM-X Award of Excellence

For the fifth consecutive year, Ambs Call Center is said to have received the exclusive 2014 CAM-X Award of Excellence and also has been rated as the one of the top 10 answering services in terms of quality in North America. [ Read More ]

Dell Announces Medallia as Open Networking Customer

Medallia, a global leader in Software-as-a-Service Customer Experience Management solutions, recently opted for Dell's Open Networking solutions [ Read More ]

TeleTech to Open New Customer Experience Center in McAllen, Texas

TeleTech's new McAllen,Texas customer experience center is seventh new U.S. center in pasat two years. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Transforming the Customer Experience with WebRTC

As has been the custom the last few weeks, the Contact Center Solutions Community has seen the focus shift from mere discussions of call center technologies to such hot buzz words as: omni-channel, cross-channel, multi-channel, customer experience and customer journey. [ Read More ]

Wheelings & Dealings: ConvergeOne Takes Over Spanlink Communications

Spanlink Communications, a systems integration company dedicated on serving the unified communications and contact center markets, has recently been taken over by ConvergeOne, an independent integrator of IT, communications, collaboration and customer interaction services. [ Read More ]

Noble Systems Unveils Upgraded Noble ShiftTrack 6.0

Workforce management requires managers to assign the right to the right people, and provide supporting resources in the right place at the right time. This is important to meet desired company goals and provide better customer service. But without the aid of proper tools, predicting workforce requirements often remains guesswork. [ Read More ]

Live Chat on Mobile Devices: A Must for Online Shoppers

Providing insight into consumers' online shopping journeys, the Moxie 2014 study indicates that a large majority of customers expect live chat to be available on their mobile devices for sales and support assistance while they shop online. [ Read More ]

CXM's Application Receives New Compliance Certificate

CXM, a provider of workforce optimization solutions, has announced that its Recording and Quality Monitoring Software Suite has received 'Avaya Compliant' status for some of Avaya's communication and contact center solutions, through Avaya DevConnect program. [ Read More ]

Transforming the Customer Experience with WebRTC

At the recent Oracle OpenWorld 2014 event, I had the opportunity to spend quality time kicking the WebRTC tires. This led to my conclusions as to why WebRTC is needed now in contact centers to improve the customer experience (CX). And, when I say now, I mean ASAP. [ Read More ]

Shoppers Ditch Mobile Shopping Carts Due to Poor Customer Service

Because of our growing reliance on personal mobile devices for everything, a lot of attention has been paid to making interactions over these devices customer-friendly, especially when it comes to using them as the preferred transactional platform for making retail purchases. Realities are that while retailers have made strides in making personal device interactions more compelling they are nevertheless falling short. [ Read More ]

National Customer Service Week-'United Through Service'

There is a line in Arthur Miller's iconic play "Death of a Salesman" where the character Linda is providing Biff, the son of flawed central character Willy Loman perspective on his dad and says, "Attention must be paid." I cite this because in case you were not aware October 7-11 is by presidential proclamation here in the U.S., National Customer Service Week. It is a week that for years has been established as a time to honor those who are on the frontlines of providing customer care. And, righ… [ Read More ]

Deloitte Study Finds Organizations Need to Tap into Existing Passionate Workers

One of the biggest challenges for contact center administrators is not just finding and keeping talented agents, but also getting better insights into which agents are the most productive and why. The intuitive answer is that employees who are passionate about their jobs are top performers. However, and this is not likely to be a surprise, a new report from Deloitte's Center for the Edge entitled "Passion at work: Cultivating worker passion as a cornerstone of talent development," points out tha… [ Read More ]

CGS Inaugurates New Office in Romania

Customers today are becoming more demanding and every business is forced to adopt smart ways to help meet rising customer expectations. Recently, American outsourcing firm CGS, has inaugurated its new office in the city of Targu Jiu Romania, to keep up with the customers demand for more number of multilingual and technical team. [ Read More ]

The Customer Experience Really is a Journey

You have to like the fact that the terminology used in describing the history and path of customer interactions with business seems to evolve almost but not quite as fast as the technology driving it. Witness for example, how call centers became contact centers and how even contact centers may soon get displaced with a term like customer engagement center. Another example is how customer interactions are now customer experiences, and how even the recently developed term multi-channel is rapidly … [ Read More ]

Creative Virtual's V-Person: A Compelling Self-Service Product

Creative Virtual, well known for its self-service customer experience management solutions for enterprises, has developed a conversational platform V-Person that is currently being used by a software company. It has been designed to resolve activation issues and help businesses deliver intelligent, personalized customer experiences across all contact channels. [ Read More ]

Sonus PSX SWe and DSC SWe Address Service Provider and Enterprise Requirements for NFV/SDN

Bandwidth-on-demand is currently topping the list for new revenue generating opportunities in network functions virtualization (NFV) and software-defined networking (SDN) environments. Sonus is a provider of a complete portfolio of hardware-based and virtualized solutions serving customers in nearly one hundred countries and have nearly two decades of experience. The company is all set to move a step further with the launch of its Sonus PSX SWe and the Sonus DSC SWe virtualized platforms. [ Read More ]

Omni-channel is Multi-channel Done Right

Recently, Karina Howell, Solutions Marketing Manager at Interactive Intelligence provided some terrific insights on what should be viewed as the essential step for providing what she characterized as the cross-channel customer experience. With so much new terminology being used in the contact center solutions community at large to describe the need and sense of urgency of customer experience professionals to have 360 degree interactions with their customers, I recently caught up with Howell to g… [ Read More ]

Teleopti, Vocalcom Partner to Offer Contact Center, Workforce Management Solution in the Middle East

Teleopti, a provider of workforce management solutions, and Vocalcom, a provider of contact center solutions, have announced a partnership in the Middle East. [ Read More ]

Your Customers' Best Friend: Is it Google? Or is it you?

Oh no, another article telling customer support professionals how they can do their jobs better? Not at all. Let's talk instead about how BPM technology-based solutions can help you keep your customers engaged and happy. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: New Report Looks at Omni-Channel Challenges

This week's Contact Center Solutions Community highlight is that LCP Consulting's new report confirms omnichannel (aka, omni-channel, and at some point the industry needs to decide which one to standardize on) techniques helped retailers grow in the past year. And, while clearly omnichannel is going to increasingly be an important part of the news, it was and will be only a part of the immense diversity of community interests and activities. [ Read More ]

Creative Virtual New Customer Install includes Integration with Leading Cloud-based CRM System

One of the leading areas of customer experience solutions automation efforts is self-service. When done correctly, self-service can not only reduce the stress on contact center agents by off-loading mundane requests that take up valuable time needed for more challenging interactions, but also improve customer satisfaction. In short, it can create a win/win for contact centers and customers, especially when such capabilities are integrated with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. [ Read More ]

St. John Ambulance Western Australia Partners with Interactive Intelligence

St. John Ambulance Western Australia recently came to the end of life with its legacy phone system and had decided to replace it with an on-premise product from Interactive Intelligence. This week, it announced that it has begun deploying the new Customer Interaction Center that will take over for its old phone system and sync with its existing systems such as its Computer Aided Dispatch System. [ Read More ]
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