• Cisco Reveals Cloud Customer Service Ambitions
    Cisco combines mid-market cloud contact center offerings into single solution, aims to address all aspects of the customer journey, and pronounces plans to be the cloud leader in the customer service market.
  • TCN, CallMiner Combine in Contact Center Solution
    This week, TCN and CallMiner unveiled an integration partnership putting the power of CallMiner Eureka within TCN's cloud contact center solution, Platform 3.0. The addition introduces exceptional speech analytics to improve customer service operations as well as minimi…
  • Serenova Adds to Senior Leadership
    CCaaS and WFO provider Serenova named a couple new members to its leadership team today. David Nelson will serve as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) with Michelle Burrows taking over the post of Chief Marketing Officer.
  • Don't Put Customer Experience on the Backburner
    Instead of working to deliver great - or at least good - customer experiences, many businesses today simply outsource customer service, or focus on customer service only when things go bad and customers get mad. That's a big mistake, since companies spend big money and …
  • Aspect Software Recognizes the Real Customer Service Gems
    Aspect Software announced the GEM (Going the Extra Mile) Award geared toward rewarding exceptional customer service agents who over exceed on expectations. The inaugural winners of the GEM Award are as follows: Andy Johnston, Contact System Analyst at Arvest Bank and Ro…
  • Aspect Garners Contact Center Scheduling Patent
    Aspect Software garnered a new patent for modeling and simulating the interaction dynamics of chat, email, IM, social media and other text-based digital customer communications.
  • Reinventing the Contact Center
    Are human agents still a necessity as bots are replacing the need for a live being, saving time and resources?
  • ZaiLab Putting the Cloud into Cloud Contact Center
    Security has become an even bigger issue, but not one that's unique to cloud providers, but one that impacts every provider, business, and individual user on a daily basis. Security risk has, one might say, become a technology standard, but one that cloud providers are …
  • Verint Announces AI-powered Virtual Assistant
    Verint released new customer self-service capabilities that include AI-powered enterprise chatbots and intelligent virtual assistants - riding projections of virtual assistants to play a major role in customer service in the coming years.
  • 8x8 X Series Provides Integrated Customer, Collaboration Experiences
    8x8's new X Series solution enables organizations to break down the departmental and communication medium barriers that prevent them from delivering a unified customer experience throughout their enterprises.
  • VoiceBase AU Addresses Australian Data Protection Acts
    This week, VoiceBase unveiled VoiceBase AU. Coming Q2 of this year, the new service will offer an instance of the VoiceBase speech API platform online to deliver Australian organizations complete control over call data.