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06/21/2017 AI Won't Replace Human Contact Center Agents Anytime Soon
06/02/2017 Omnichannel Is About Customer Support, Not Sales Alone
06/01/2017 Customer Engagement Doesn't Begin and End in the Contact Center
05/26/2017 Technology Makes 'Fast, Good and Affordable' Customer Support Possible
05/22/2017 Analytics Help Companies Predict Customer Behavior
05/18/2017 Chatbots Versus Summer Interns for Low-Level Work
05/08/2017 Proactive Customer Engagement Goes Beyond Customer Satisfaction
04/25/2017 Cognitive Technologies Make Contact Center Solutions Smarter
04/21/2017 Natural Language Processing Will Grow Into New Applications
04/20/2017 AI Will Raise the Stakes for Contact Center Solutions
04/07/2017 Transforming the Contact Center to Customer Engagement Center
03/28/2017 Congress Once Again Proposes Call Center Offshoring Legislation
03/14/2017 Analytics Are the Key to Avoiding Customer Complaints
03/09/2017 Today, the Customer Experience Stage is the Smartphone
02/03/2017 Ensuring a Diversity of Data in AI-Led Self-Service
02/03/2017 Twenty-first Century Self-Service for the Contact Center is Smart
01/26/2017 AI Is No Substitute for Good Contact Center Solution Design
01/18/2017 As Contact Center Solutions Change, So Must the Contact Center
01/11/2017 Contact Center Anchors Omni-Channel Customer Experience
01/11/2017 Streamline the Agent Experience with Mobility
01/11/2017 Streamline the Agent Experience with Mobility
01/06/2017 Forrester Puts Aspect atop CCIM Leader List
12/30/2016 2017 Will Bring a Surge of Practical Use of Chatbots
12/30/2016 Security Fixes Keep SMS Safe in Contact Center Solutions
12/20/2016 Managing Expectations on Chatbots
12/02/2016 Empower Customers with Interactive Text Response
08/25/2014 Measure the Right Customer-facing Metrics, and Ensure Agents are Equipped to Achieve Them
06/13/2014 B2B Organizations are Wasting a lot of Customer Experience Improvement Effort
06/06/2014 Strategies for Mobile Customer Engagement
06/05/2014 Customers Want Fast, Accurate and Understandable Contact Center Interactions
06/03/2014 Interactive Intelligence to Launch PureCloud Contact Center Suite Built Atop Amazon Web Services
05/17/2014 Contact Center Solutions Week in Review
05/15/2014 High Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange Enrollments Are Spiking Contact Center Costs
05/01/2014 What Does the TCPA Mean to Contact Centers Today in a Mobile World?
03/26/2014 Wheelings & Dealings: SAP Brings Fieldglass' Vendor Management System on Board
03/11/2014 InfoCision: Profitable Contact Center Services on U.S. Soil
03/05/2014 Outsourcing Increases a Company's Chances of Facing Cybercrime
03/04/2014 Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Sets Up Call Center for Inquiries
02/27/2014 UK Customers Are Less Tolerant Than American Customers of Bad Customer Service
02/26/2014 Interactive Intelligence Broadens Reseller Network with PTP Agreement
02/25/2014 Study Finds Salaries for Contact Center Executives Are on the Rise
02/24/2014 New IDC Study Predicts Strong Continued Growth for Cloud Contact Center Solutions
02/10/2014 Regaining Lost Business from Bad Customer Service Starts with Contact Center Employees
01/20/2014 Google Abruptly Terminates Call Center Outsourcing Contract with Ann Arbor, MI Teleperformance USA Office
01/20/2014 Contact Centers Must Adapt to the Reality that Customers Today Control the Marketing Message
01/16/2014 A Big Decision for a Big Purchase: Big Data Analytics in Customer-Facing Functions
01/16/2014 Has the Twentieth Century Arrived in Your Call Center Yet?
01/13/2014 Companies Climb Multiple Hurdles to Offer True Social Customer Service
01/08/2014 Customers Are Engaging with Speech-enabled Personal Assistants
01/02/2014 Keeping Outbound Sales Efforts Together During the Holidays
12/19/2013 Interactive Intelligence CEO Brown Shares His Vision of the Communications Cloud with Frost & Sullivan
12/19/2013 Turning Raw Data Noise into Actionable Intelligence in the Contact Center
12/17/2013 Customers Like Self-Service, But Only When It Actually Works
12/16/2013 ShoreTel Enhances Contact Center Solution for Large Enterprise Customers
12/16/2013 The Mystery of the Impressively Human-Sounding Robot Telemarketer
12/03/2013 Contact Center Services Provider Ansafone Deploys Interactive Intelligence's CIC Suite
12/03/2013 Avoiding the Most Common Pitfalls in a Contact Center Launch
11/27/2013 The Unified Agent Desktop: An Important Tool for Achieving First-Call Resolution
11/26/2013 NewVoiceMedia Builds Full-Featured Contact Center from Scratch in 20 Minutes
11/21/2013 Google Helpouts May Turn Customer Support On Its Ear
11/16/2013 Contact Center Solutions Week in Review
11/15/2013 Effective Preplanning Before a Contact Center Migration to the Cloud Offers Double Opportunity
11/15/2013 Congress Tries Again with Another Anti-Offshore Call Center Outsourcing Bill
11/12/2013 Interactive Intelligence Offers Insight into the Middle East Customer Experience
11/05/2013 The Future of the Contact Center is in the Preferences of Generation X and Y Customers
11/04/2013 State of Maine Sees Growth in Contact Center Business
11/04/2013 Call Center Fraudsters Are Becoming Practiced at Gathering Personal Information
11/04/2013 InfoCision Announces Recertification with PACE-SRO Guidelines
10/31/2013 Government Contractor Achieves its Goals with Interactive Intelligence Cloud Contact Center Solution
10/30/2013 What Kind of Call Center Will it Take to Underpin Amazon's Revolutionary New Mayday Button?
10/29/2013 Many of Us Would Rather Sit in a Dentist's Chair than Call a Contact Center
10/28/2013 Israeli Telecom Fined by Government for Long Hold Times
10/25/2013 Voice is Still King for Customers Contacting a Company
10/24/2013 A Peek into the Contact Center of the Future
10/16/2013 TeleperformanceUSA to Evaluate Contact Center Candidates Using PeopleAnswers' Predictive Talent Analytics
10/14/2013 Coming Soon to Call Centers: Voice Analysis to Determine Customers' Moods
10/03/2013 Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX "Mayday Button" Ups the Ante for Wireless Device Customer Service
09/30/2013 Ensuring That a Customer on Hold Doesn't Become an Ex-Customer
09/18/2013 Frost & Sullivan Names Interactive Intelligence 2013 EMEA Contact Center Company of the Year
09/16/2013 Right First Time Adds Agent Recognition Element to Its Auditing Process
09/11/2013 Data Analytics Help Smaller Companies Better Understand Their Operations
09/10/2013 Twitter Customer Service Should Not Be Part-Time
09/06/2013 Salesforce Testing New File Sharing Solution
09/06/2013 SAP Debuts Tool for Social CRM
09/06/2013 Survey Finds Online Retailers Are Tops in Digital Customer Service
09/06/2013 Survey Finds Too Few Contact Centers Actively Pursue Employee Engagement
08/29/2013 Sprint to Eliminate 800 Call Center Jobs, Says They Aren't Needed
08/27/2013 Apple Redesigns Its AppleCare Live Chat Support Page
08/22/2013 New Standards and Strategies are Building the 'Omnichannel' Contact Center
08/19/2013 Getting Serious About Social Media in the Contact Center
08/13/2013 Ovum Sees the Next Wave of CRM
08/12/2013 What Makes a Great Customer Experience? Ask the Customers
08/08/2013 Empowering Contact Centers to Handle Little Complaints Before They Become Big Problems
08/06/2013 Contingency Planning for the Contact Center Should Involve Alternate Work Sites
08/06/2013 Asian Contact Center Spending Boost Reflects Pursuit of Higher Quality
08/01/2013 WRB Communications to Build Outbound Campaigns on Interactive Intelligence Dialer Tech
08/01/2013 Fox News' Wild Conspiracy Theory About California Health Insurance Exchange Call Center
08/01/2013 UK Customer Service Has Bypassed 'Dismal,' Gone Straight to 'Horrendous'
07/30/2013 Call Centers and Retailers Should Start Listening for the Sound of Jingle Bells Now
07/24/2013 Gross Mismanagement Found at Veteran Call Center

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