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TIBCO Unveils a new Report on Business Intelligence

March 31, 2010

TIBCO Softwarehas released a new BeyeNETWORK report, “Ease of Use and Interface Appeal in BI Tools,” which states that to achieve high user adoption of BI and analytics tools than advanced BI features, “ease of use” plays a highly important role. 

Business Intelligence or “BI,” uses computer-based techniques to increase the revenue and business of a company. It supports better business decision making with the help of technologies, processes, and applications to analyze mostly internal, structured data and business processes.

The report represents users from a wide range of organization sizes, ages, job roles, and experience levels, and is based on 255 survey responses.

Findings from the study indicate that BI can be made more pervasive, particularly beyond the power user base, with factors like ease of use and interface appeal.

“Ease of use is the number-one priority,” says Mark Ruths, senior staff geophysicist and technology coordinator at Chevron and an early adopter of TIBCO Spotfire.

“Chevron had a BI tool in place to run reports, but identifying patterns and opportunities for cost reduction was not easy. People have other applications they can use, and they have their current work processes.”

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