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JW Maxx Reveals Three Ways to Enhance Reputation Management

February 11, 2013

JW Maxx Solutions a reputation management specialist, has revealed three ways in which reputation management can enhance marketing and public relationsfor any business. JW Maxx Solutions helps organizations with reputation repair in medicine, vacation resorts and other industries.

The three major kinds of reputation management include creation of the online campaign referred to as “image creation,” the maintenance of a positive reputation called “scaffolding,” and the instant response to unfavorable information to regain the position of good standing or “reputation rescue.”

The three categories can overlap although all three factors have to be dealt with diligently in accordance with situations at that moment, said officials.

The first step of ‘image creation’ is leveraged by start-up companies in order to gain a positive online presence. Even new politicians have started using this feature on the Internet to promote themselves. The strategy involved in reputation management is the use of specific keywords and boosting content online to enhance Web presence.

The next step ‘scaffolding’ is a complicated process that helps established organizations to maintain their online reputation and build their brand. JW Maxx Solutions helps companies maintain their reputation, and after training from reputation management experts the organizations can run their own campaigns and build their online reputation.

‘Reputation rescue’ portion of reputation management helps organizations that are dealing with negative publicity owing to comments that appear online and may put-off prospective customers. Although the situation may vary with different clients it is the responsibility of reputation mangers to suppress the negative information.

In some cases legal recourse like filing libel charges can also be done to defend the company if the case is strong. Either way, negative press should not be treated as less important, as it may affect the company’s reputation gravely, said officials as JW Maxx.

On social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, customers can write reviews, tag (News - Alert) businesses in photos, and share news stories and opinions with their friends, all of which build or break a company’s online reputation. The danger is that customers are more likely to complain publically about a negative experience than to give praise for good customer service.

Walter Halicki, reputation management experts at JW Maxx Solutions, has some new warnings and recommendations for businesses trying to establish or promote their online reputation via social networking sites.


Edited by Ashley Caputo

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