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Virtual Filing Cabinet System

March 26, 2008

In today’s information technology era, businesses all over the world are inundated with an endless stream of information. Hard copy documents and pictures, digital files and videos are constantly coming in or out of an office. Collecting, organizing, archiving and retrieving such information is becoming a common challenge for businesses, especially, when critical and immediate decisions have to be made. Most office products offer unattached management solutions for different communication activities, each requiring separate applications and databases.

Carmel Vision has created Virtual Filing Cabinet – “VFC” an application, which resolves this complicated puzzle in a very simple and easy to use solution. It all office activities to coexist together under one umbrella, making them all searchable, while linking them to its 5-dimensional contact management system – “5D”. The entire system is language independent and the support, maintenance and installation of the system is over the Web, giving an organization great value with low maintenance cost.

With a single click, VFC users can view a full history of all contacts, content, documents, telephone conversations and other communication correspondences, which get automatically routed to the following entities: Category, Company, Team, Contact and Job. Underneath each of these entities, VFC places a virtual basket for the collection of all incoming and outgoing correspondences.

These virtual baskets are organized as follows: Email, Contacts, Documents and Collaboration, Fax, File Transfer over HTTP, Scanned Documents and Business Cards, Voice Recording, VoIP (Skype (News - Alert) integration), Instant Messaging, Multi-party Video Conferencing, Remote Screen sharing, White-boarding, Calendar and Scheduling, Bulk Email, Text to Speech, Notes/Comments and more.

All correspondences are automatically archived in compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley rules of record retention. As well, all incoming and outgoing information is indexed making all correspondences searchable.

In order to find information a user can either navigate through the 5D or use the built-in search engine.

Using the 5D, a user only needs to know the slightest data related to an entity. The search engine permits simple or advanced queries, using a ‘google like’ search interface.

Real-time document sharing and collaboration is an important tool for any professional organization. VFC is integrated with Microsoft (News - Alert) SharePoint services for remote users using a regular browser. Also, any VFC user can collaborate with other VFC users, using our built-in management engine with full check-in / check-out and versioning control capabilities over the internet. The system supports Microsoft file formats and Adobe PDF. For cross platform viewing, searching and printing purposes, all incoming files are auto-generated into PDF format.

With built in 512 bit encryption, users can work remotely without any security concerns. The VFC client is completely firewall transparent, allowing users to take their office with them anywhere they go, transforming any office into a virtual office. The VFC server can interconnect to all major database vendors such as Microsoft SQL, DB2, Oracle (News - Alert), MySQL and can use them as data stores for the system. A connector layer permits seamless information sharing with systems such as SAP, Oracle and others, Administration and licensing is fully web-based, making system management a simple task.

VFC has been designed to accommodate necessary budget constraints, making it accessible to all levels of businesses. It is available in the following three formats:
--Client server configuration targeting SMBs and Enterprise environments
--Server cluster can be distributed across multiple servers
--Hosted software solution geared towards large service providers
Hosted/SaaS with Replication:
--Real-time replication between hosted server cluster & mini server cluster located at customer premises
--All hosted data is strongly encrypted, and can only be unlocked with private key owned by the customer

In addition, for single users or small workgroups, a shrink-wrap standalone client, referred to as “Personal Filing Cabinet (PFC)” is available. This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution has the same look and feel as VFC and contains similar functionalities. With PFC, users can manage and organize their Contact information, Emails, Calendar, Documents, Notes, Phone conversations, VoIP conversations, Business Cards, Faxes and more.

Client Only: Stand alone Personal Filing Cabinet:
--Client includes imbedded database and search engine
--All relevant correspondences are automatically organized, putting all home office content and communication at every users fingertips

Our sister company, Carmel Interactive, has developed nanoPBX (hardware appliance), a simple, yet powerful VoIP & PSTN based PBX that compliments both VFC and PFC in creating the complete office management solution. nanoPBX is a full-featured IP and PSTN based PBX (News - Alert) telephone system, fully integrated with Virtual Filing Cabinet and Personal Filing Cabinet. It seamlessly integrates the internet (VoIP) and telephone (PSTN) together with an embedded gateway. This gives you all the functionality of a normal PBX, such as caller ID, centralized voicemail, phone extensions, voice recording and more. nanoPBX unites global offices, travelling teams, clients and respective families, by always keeping them connected with a personal extension number, eliminating long distance roaming expenses.

nanoPBX comes pre-configured out of the box. Just plug it in and use it. It automatically performs all the switching and connecting of both PSTN and VoIP calls to the extensions and requires no maintenance. Knowledge for installations is not required, there are no moving parts for maintenance and it has a very small foot print, about the size of a 3½ inch hard drive. It has a simple GUI to set-up the call management for extensions, voice mails, caller id, etc. It is available as a stand-alone device. When purchasing nanoPBX, users can download a free basic version of Personal Filing Cabinet, with Soft phone software included.

By integrating VFC and PFC to nanoPBX, Carmel Vision has successfully created the complete office solution in a comprehensive and robust fashion.


For further information, please contact: Rohit Srivastava at or

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