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JD Power VoX: Holistic Approach to Customer Experience Monitoring and Management

One of the more interesting challenges in a world where enhancing the customer experience is now at the top of C-level lists everywhere is how to analyze and optimize those experience to drive financial results. For over 45 years, Westlake Village, California-based J.D. Power has specialized in helping organizations better understand the voice of the customer, and they have just introduced something that is sure to capture executive attention. [ Read More ]

AsiaPay Partners with Semafone for Secure Telephone-based Payments

Asia-Pacific electronic payment service provider AsiaPay recently announced that it has partnered with Semafone, a secure payment technology developer, to allow AsiaPay customers to complete telephone-based payments in its operating regions. [ Read More ]

Cisco Brings Omnichannel Context to its Contact Center Solutions

Cisco Systems has expanded its contact center solutions with the addition of Context Service. The new cloud-based service, which Cisco is offering at no additional charge to its contact center platform customers, provides organizations with a complete view of their customers by aggregating customer information across all channels. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Launches Latest PureCloud Services

Since revelation of its Amazon Web Services (AWS)-enabled multi-tenant enterprise collaboration and communications PureCloud platform in June of 2014, customer experience solutions provider Interactive Intelligence has been right on target with the announcement of new platform functionality. In January PureCloud Directory? was announced, and the rollout continues with the announcement of its latest additions: PureCloud Collaborate? and PureCloud Communicate?. [ Read More ]

DATAMARK Infographic States Benefits of Call Center Consolidation

Business process outsourcing company DATAMARK recently released an infographic which explains the benefits call centers can receive when they consolidate and bring multiple centers into single locations. [ Read More ]

Authentify Combats Social Engineering in Contact Centers with Mobile App

There is a term that unfortunately contact center administrators have or are about to become way too familiar with. The term is "social engineering" and refers specifically to a nasty practice by the bad guys, particularly in looking for vulnerabilities to exploit in the banking sector to monetize their efforts. In simple terms, it is a fraud characterized by imposters using stolen credit card info to activate Apple Pay accounts on new smartphones and purchase high value goods. With the forthcom… [ Read More ]

Salesforce Revs Up Omnichannel with the Service Cloud Intelligence Engine

Salesforce takes wraps off Service Cloud Intelligence Engine to provide comprehensive omnichannel capabilities. [ Read More ]

Ytel Picks VoiceBase for Cloud Contact Center Speech Analytics Enhancement

It is no secret that contact centers are now intensely interested in Big Data and sophisticated analytics to improve operational efficiency, effectiveness and the customer experience. Let's face it, knowing who is saying what, when, where, why and with what result is extremely valuable. In fact, it is this need to know that has driven large volume contact centers to increasingly look to sophisticated speech analytics to give them the business intelligence they desire not just about customer inte… [ Read More ]

Carrier iQ Showcases New Capabilities at 2015 Mobile World Congress

Carrier iQ adds three enhancements for obtaining actionable business intelligence from mobile devices. [ Read More ]

Plantronics' DA80 Makes Customer Service Centers Smarter

The moniker smart is now attached to phones, TVs, homes and even cars. As the size of computer processors get even smaller, more products will be embedded with the technology to make them smarter to deliver improved efficiency and productivity for many different industries. For contact centers, the goal is to always improve customer service, and then new Plantronics next-generation USB audio processor not only increases the effectiveness of service center operations, but it makes customer intera… [ Read More ]

Contact Solutions Launches Adaptive IVR that Learns from Caller Behavior

We are all familiar with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems as the first thing we typically encounter when calling a contact center. The fact of the matter is that today's IVR capabilities can do a lot more than just give us options for directing calls to the appropriate resources. They are in fact valuable tools for contact center administrators in terms of improving the customer experience. In fact, as illustrated by the recent announcement by Reston, VA-based cloud-based customer care s… [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Highlights Five Customer Interaction Trends to Watch in 2015

A few weeks ago collaboration, communications and customer engagement solutions provider Interactive Intelligence hosted a jam-packed webinar called What's New for Contact Centers in 2015 and Why it Matters. If you missed this event, you can still watch and listen to the archived version, and it is highly recommended to say the least. [ Read More ]

Teleperformance Wins Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership in Chile

Work with BBVA cited as Teleperformance Wins Frost & Sullivan Product Leadership in Chile award. [ Read More ]

Avtex Achieves Interactive Intelligence Platinum Elite Partner Status for 2015

Avtex once again an Interactive Intelligence Platinum Elite Partner. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Expands Presence in Canada

For Indianapolis-based communications, collaboration and customer engagement solutions provider Interactive Intelligence, the North American (NA) market has been a mainstay since the company's release of its first product in 1997. And, as the company has become one with a truly global footprint, business in NA has been good. [ Read More ]

First Contextual Marketing Platform is Launched by hybris

hybris contextutal marketing platform runs on SAP HANA to better presonalize customer intereactions. [ Read More ]

Birch Communications Receives Center of Excellence Recognition for the Third Time

The disruptive conditions in today's telecommunications industry has dramatically increased the level of competition as new players challenge established businesses. While the number of service providers continues to increase, the battle for the same number of customers has intensified. This has introduced parity in their price and product offerings, which is leading them to differentiate themselves by delivering better customer service. [ Read More ]

Accanto's Customer Experience Experiment Calls For Mobile Service Users

On an academic level, most of us know that the overall customer experience is one of the most important things a business can focus on. Keeping track of just what the customer thinks about the whole experience allows a business to make modifications to that experience as needed, making for a better overall experience and customers who are more likely to stay with that business. In a bid to help improve that customer experience, the folks at Accanto Systems are launching the Customer Experience E… [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Q4 2014 Earnings Highlight Continued Growth for Its Cloud-based Solutions

Interactive Intelligence Q4 2014 Earnings show momentum for cloud-based customer experience solutions. [ Read More ]

Frost & Sullivan Recognizes Interactive Intelligence for Strong Contact Center Growth

Last year customer experience solutions provider Indianapolis, IN-based Interactive Intelligence, ended the year with a host of industry accolades both international and local which ranged from being innovative to being a great place to work and for giving back to the community. The company has picked up where it left off as research firm Frost & Sullivan, based on its ongoing analysis of the contact center systems market, has recognized Interactive Intelligence with the 2014 EMEA Frost & Sulliv… [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, BT and Accenture

The future is now, or at least it is coming at us fast in the Contact Center Solutions Community, and there are two great ways to be part of the industry buzz as to what is unlikely to unfold in 2015. The first is to attend ITEXPO East, January 27-30, 2014 at the Miami Beach Convention center. This is a great opportunity to be warm and more to the point, hear, see and discuss contact center issues in person with peers and subject matter experts. [ Read More ]

Customer Experience: The Last True Differentiator

In Ernst & Young's Global Consumer Banking Survey 2014, customers chose "the way I am treated" as the second most important reason for trusting their banking provider, just behind the understandably important "financial stability" of their bank. Customer experience was also cited as the most common reason for opening and closing accounts, more important than fees, rates, locations or convenience. Approximately 40 percent of customers planned to open or close an account in 2014. This means banks … [ Read More ]

Digital Is Driving Businesses to Offer Personal and Intuitive Customer Experiences says Accenture Report

The preoccupation with improving the customer experience (CX) by C-levels around the world has been a trend for several years. In fact, the fastest growing C-level position is Customer Experience Management Officer (CEMO) or some variation on the title. And, as CX becomes ever more important as the means to provide differentiated value, delighting existing customers and for obtaining and keeping new ones, the preoccupation will not only grow more intense in 2015, but so will the investments in t… [ Read More ]

BT Launches New Personalized Video Message Service

When it comes to contact center out-reach there are two trends that everyone needs to literally and figuratively keep an eye on in 2015. They are "personalization" and "video." And, while the first may seem obvious since the goal of marketers is to make customers and prospects feel appreciated with tailored messages uniquely for them, the use of video on the outbound side of things is after many years becoming something more than a novelty. [ Read More ]

VoltDelta's DeltaACD 2.0 Cloud Contact Center Gets Oracle Validated Integration with Oracle Service Cloud

There is little to no doubt that the trend toward cloud-based contact centers, which has been gaining momentum the past few years, is only going to pick up even more steam in 2015. It is why so many contact center solutions are looking to be offered in conjunction with popular cloud services used by customers. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence to Host 'What's New for Contact Centers in 2015' Webinar

There is no denying that thanks to C-levels around the world making the customer experience (CX) a top priority the transformation of contact centers to be even more of a critical part of doing so is only going to intensify in 2015. After all, the pace of change in how customers choose to interact with organizations is accelerating putting an emphasis on things like omnichannel capabilities, moving to the cloud, social media, big data and sophisticated analytics, better integration with CRM syst… [ Read More ]

Admin Re Selects Olive Communications to Provide UC & Contact Center Platform

Admin Re, a subsidiary of Swiss Re providing life and health insurance services to the U.K., recently announced the finalization of a $5 million contract with Olive Communications, a cloud-based business communications provider, in which the latter company will provide a cloud-based unified communications (UC) and contact center platform. Under the agreement, Olive Communications will oversee the design, implementation and management of the platform, which will be based on technology and service… [ Read More ]

Want More Digital Consumers? Cisco's Key: Be Ultra Relevant

If there's one lesson that the holiday shopping season of 2014 taught us, it's that more and more consumers are turning not to brick-and-mortar stores for shopping, but for online experiences instead. Whether mobile or more stationary, a lot of shoppers turned to stores like Amazon and beyond for holiday shopping, and that move is leaving some lessons in its wake. Cisco recently staged a survey of retail customers, and made some key findings about just how to get those digital consumers interest… [ Read More ]

Sitecore Teams with Microsoft on New Storefront Solution

Sitecore, a company leading the pack in customer experience management announced earlier this week that it was rolling out the Sitecore Commerce 8. This particular solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics and that allows a powerful combination of the two that gives it the capabilities of the Sitecore Experience Platform with the power of Microsoft Dynamics for Retail. This means that customers who use the new solution are going to be able to bridge the gap between in-store and online digital ex… [ Read More ]

No Time Left for You! A Four Minute Read

For all of us who are members in good standing of the contact center community, and for everyone who deals with a contact center as well, of all of the metrics we use for judging the customer experience (CX) the common denominator in most cases is TIME. [ Read More ]

IDC Report Predicts Trends for Health Payer Market

A recent report from IDC Health Insights predicts the top 10 trends that may take place in the coming year within the health-related payer industry. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Alorica and Vilynx

First, a happy and a healthy New Year to all members of the Contact Center Solutions Community. Let's face it, 2014 was quite a year looking back, and 2015 is shaping up as a watershed one for vendors and users alike. Now, thanks to the ways in which the holidays fell this year, we have a little catching up to do in terms of how 2014 ended and what transpired already in 2015. [ Read More ]

Vonage Granted Seven New Patents

With omni-channel capabilities becoming a priority for contact centers, and more and more contact centers relying on VoIP for voice communications, it is always interesting to see what is going on in the patent space. In fact, Holmdel, NJ-based Vonage, who was one of the early VoIP providers in the U.S. has announced it was been granted seven new patents in December by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. [ Read More ]

Qubit Cited by Forrester Research as Leading Marketing-Centric Digital Customer Experience Delivery Platform

There can be little doubt that enhancing the customer experience will remain a top C-level priority of enterprises of all sizes around the world in 2015. And, when it comes to customer interactions, outbound marketing is becoming ever more important as companies use Big Data and sophisticated analytics to improve customer engagement over all channels. It is in fact why more and more attention is being paid to outbound technologies since they are of vital interest to numerous lines-of-business an… [ Read More ]

Avaya Call Centers Now Offers New Communication Options

As communication continues to evolve and grow, companies are looking for ways to make their call centers beneficial to those with specific communication needs. [ Read More ]

Counterpath Equips Vodafone New Zealand with Unified Communications Solution

The use of softphones by contact center agents has been a growing trend for years. This has been true not just inside contact centers but also for arming remote workers with easy to use tools. Illustrative of this trend is the announcement by Vancouver, BC-based unified communications (UC) solutions provider CounterPath that Vodafone New Zealand has selected CounterPath's Bria UC clients to be used by contact center agents in South East Asia. [ Read More ]

Tokyo Readies for 2020 Olympics with Plans for Free Contact Center with Interpretation Services

For any country that is awarded the Olympic Games, which now include both the regular games as well as the Paralympics, it is never too early to plan ahead. Tokyo, who will be hosting the 2020 Olympics is an example of just how important it is to get an early start, and interestingly contact centers are part of their early preparations. It comes in the form of an announcement recently that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government plans to establish a multilingual contact center in fiscal 2015 to enable… [ Read More ]

Alorica Acquires West Corporation's Agent Services Businesses

When it comes to the customer management outsourcing solutions business the names may not be familiar to those outside of the market in terms of headline visibility. However, this is a big and growing global business, and a large U.S.-based Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company, Alorica, has just gotten bigger with its agreement to acquire several of West Corporation's agent services businesses for a consideration of $275 million. [ Read More ]

NACR Announces Preferred Provider Status for Sennheiser

NACR, a provider of business communications solutions, has announced that it has named Sennheiser a NACR Preferred Provider. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Releases New PureCloud-Based Enterprise Collaboration Service

Delivering on its promise to rollout new services on its PureCloud platform starting early in 2015, software and services for communications, collaboration and customer engagement solutions provider Interactive Intelligence, has released a new cloud-based enterprise collaboration service delivered from the PureCloud. [ Read More ]

2015 Will be 'The Year of the Employee,' or 'Year of Hearing instead of Listening'?

This is the time of year those of us who follow what the various industry observers are predicting really enjoy if for no other reason than there is a lot of food for thought. In the customer experience/contact center/customer interactions space this has certainly been true. In fact, one I am fond of and would like to share are observations from industry thought leader Bruce Temkin, Managing Partner of the Temkin Group. He has released his annual listing of customer experience (CX) trends to wat… [ Read More ]

Real-Time Contact Center Fraud Protection from NICE Systems

NICE Systems biometrics, speech and desktop analytics solution aimed at preventing contact center fraud. [ Read More ]

The Online Holiday Sales Numbers Highlight Mobile's Growing Importance

For frequent visitors to the Contact Center Solutions Community, you are aware of my fascination with the IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark. It provides real-time information and insights through IBM's Smarter Commerce portfolio that draw upon IBM's investments in commerce and customer engagement solutions, as well as expertise gained from work with 8,000 global brands and 35,000 client commerce engagements. [ Read More ]

Language Interpretation to Improve Medical, Customer Service Situations

The United States is one of the most ethnically diverse areas on the globe. People who speak a number of different languages call the U.S. home, and many would argue that the overall culture of the U.S. is richer as a result. However, a language barrier can persist among diverse groups in ways that can determine the outcome of emergency services. [ Read More ]

Vilynx Offers Insight Into Video's True Effectiveness

Video advertising has become one of the new standards of online travel. Sure, banners and pictures are still seen everywhere, but many websites are offering up the video ad as a way to better interact with customers and provide ad buyers with better value overall. While some bemoan the extra bandwidth used, others find the video advertising more engaging. But how effective is that video? That's a question that Vilynx is eager to help businesses answer with its new video conversion analytics tool… [ Read More ]

New York Call Center Closure Bill Now Law

Dealing with a call center is a frightening concept for many out there. Calling someone who may be nowhere near the location of the problem in question, who has no idea of local conditions, who may not even speak the same language-or at least not in the same way-as the caller in question can be a daunting experience. But a new bill recently signed into law in New York may help on at least some of that front, as there are now specific procedures to follow should a gas or electric company have pla… [ Read More ]

E-Complish Offers IVR to Blue Cross of Idaho

Financial services provider E-Complish recently announced that it has partnered with Blue Cross of Idaho to provide Blue Cross with an interactive voice response system that offers Payment Card Industry compliance from within the E-Complish DirectPay platform. [ Read More ]

BMW ConnectedDrive Store to Hit US in Spring 2015

In the latter half of December this year, BMW announced the upcoming launch of its ConnectedDrive Store for drivers in the U.S. The store allows its customers to purchase intelligent services and applications that can deliver practical information and entertainment directly to their automobiles. [ Read More ]

Ryder Partners with Language Select for Interpretation Services

One of the biggest challenges with operating a global business is maintaining a connection with customers through various languages. Even if a business begins its journey in the U.S., for instance, it may soon interact with customers in China, France, Germany, Russia, or any number of other countries whose citizens' primary languages are not English. [ Read More ]

Report Finds Amazon Falling Back to the Pack in Customer Satisfaction

For over a decade Ann Arbor, MI-based Answers Corporation, a provider of cloud-based voice of customer solutions and owner of, has published an annual study of the state of the retail customer experience. This year's The AnswersTM Experience Index (AXI): 2014 U.S. Retail Edition (formerly called the ForeSee Experience Index) is out and some of the findings are fascinating. [ Read More ]

Avaya Launches New Solutions to Address Multichannel Communications Preferences

Avaya Inc., a global provider of business communications and collaborations systems, has unveiled a suite of new solutions to address multichannel communication preferences while meeting enterprise expectations for security, availability manageability and scalability. Called "Avaya Engagement Solutions," the suite is comprised of technologies to connect locations with functions across an enterprise, integrate communications-enabled applications into workflows and support seamless migration from … [ Read More ]

Tata Sky Contact Center Gets a Boost from Nuance Communications

Cable operator makes customer experience easier with speech recognition from Nuance Communcations. [ Read More ]

HGS Named Best Large Contact Center at the Contact Center World Awards

Hinduja Global Solutions Limited is already recognized as one of the best call center companies in the world. It has racked up yet another award getting a silver 'Best Large Contact Center' award at the just recently finished global finals for the Contact Center World Awards. This is actually the second award of this kind that HGS has gotten this year. The company also received the Best Large Contact Center at the EMEA finals in July of this year. [ Read More ]

Nest & ADT Preparing Partnership to Augment Home Security

Nest is a familiar name for those who have been considering turning a current home into a smarter home. This breed of programmable thermostat has been shown to do quite a bit in the home, and there have been indications that the company behind it is moving beyond just temperature control and doing other things in the home as well, like acquiring Dropcam to provide a kind of home security. One of the latest indications, meanwhile, are reports that Nest and ADT-one of the leading providers of home… [ Read More ]

Belk Renews Partnership with eBay Enterprise Leveraging Omnichannel to Manage Customer Service

As those of us in the contact center solutions business are almost painfully aware, the term de jure in our community is for better or for worse OMNICHANNEL. It rapidly displaced "Multi-Channel" to describe being able to interact with customers according to their preferences, i.e., phone call, chat, text and now video. In fact, isn't it amazing how the adoption of jargon in our industry is so much faster than the adoption of the solutions they describe? To be honest, I have always had an affinit… [ Read More ]

Philippine Airlines (PAL) Expands Contact Center Capabilities for US and Canada

This may be a short item but it is indicative of a trend. It has recently been announced that passengers and customers of Philippine Airlines (PAL) in the United States and Canada will soon be able to transact practically all their travel needs by phone by calling PAL's U.S. contact center - 1-800-IFLYPAL (4359725). [ Read More ]

Istanbul's Taxi Service Set to Get Integration Overhaul

The idea of getting a cab, from one place to another, is one that involves a variety of different facets. Some think about the use of a smartphone app to call in a ride, while others simply hearken back to the days of hiding under a newspaper in the rain while frantically waving an arm and shrieking "Taxi!" at the top of one's lungs. Modernization efforts have been at play in a variety of places, but Istanbul is perhaps one of the most recent such efforts, as the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipali… [ Read More ]

TNT UK Turns to NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld to Spur Customer Experience

Cloud contact center systems is a technology that's been gaining ground for some time now thanks to its ability to offer special tools to contact centers, and allow for fairly easy expansions as needed. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Avaya and WebRTC

The Contact Center Solutions Community this week had a case of the pre-holiday need to spend a little time going shopping, literally and figuratively. However, the pre-holiday season by no means meant a lack of some seriously interesting news from the industry. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Celebrates 20th Anniversary

For most of the members of the Contact Center Solutions Community, it might be hard to remember a time when our community host Interactive Intelligence was not a significant player in the industry. However, as someone who has been around a bit longer, it seems like only yesterday that I started becoming intrigued with the activities of this company, which chose as its headquarters the unlikely location of Indianapolis, IN. [ Read More ]

Spoken Communications to Power Avaya Hybrid Cloud Solution for Contact Centers

Avaya adds hybrid option for contact center transformation powered by Spoken Communications. [ Read More ]

WebRTC Support on SIP PBX Highlights use for Omnichannel Interactions

2015 is going to highlight how and why WebRTC, SIP and Contact Centers are perfect together. [ Read More ]

HHS Teams with Monster, and Higi to Assist in Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment

The Health and Human Services Department (HHS)is using popular websites to spread word on open enrollment period. [ Read More ]

TNT to Deliver Great Customer Service via Cloud with NewVoiceMedia

Europe's largest global express, logistics and international parcel and mail services company U.K.-based TNT , which bills itself as "The People Network," has gone to the cloud for its contact center operations. San Francisco, CA-based cloud contact center solutions provider NewVoiceMedia recently announced that TNT UK is using its ContactWorld solution to enhance its customer experience and improve operational efficiencies across the business. [ Read More ]

McKesson Specialty Health's Reimbursement, Access & Safety Services Solution Center Earns Sixth Consecutive Center of Excellence Certification from BenchmarkPortal

A question that always comes up when companies achieve a certain level of recognition of performance is whether this was a fluke or is just part of a company's DNA that is sustainable over time. In the case of McKesson Specialty Health the answer is that it more than has what it takes to be an outstanding performer over the long run. The proof comes from the company's Reimbursement, Access & Safety Services Solution Center having earned certification by BenchmarkPortal as a Center of Excellence … [ Read More ]

Hinduja Global Solutions Wins Silver at the 2014 Contact Center World Awards

The Contact Center Solutions Community, as frequent visitors know, likes to report on industry recognition. In fact, being recognized for outstanding performance is a global affair as witnessed by Hinduja Global Solutions Limited (HGS) adding to an already impressive list of achievements by winning silver for 'Best Large Contact Center' at the recently concluded global finals of the Contact Center World Awards. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Named a Top 10 Place to Work for in Indianapolis

It seems like the end of the year needs to get here faster. The reason is Contact Center Solutions Community sponsor Interactive Intelligence may run out of space at its headquarters in Indianapolis, IN because of the recognition the company has received in just the past few weeks. [ Read More ]

Frontier Communications Adding to Bi-Lingual Customer Service

As has been noted in several postings in TMCnet's contact center solutions community, being able to offer multi-lingual, but importantly in the U.S. bi-lingual customer care with Spanish as the second language, has become critical in almost every vertical market. Indicative of this is the announcement from TMC's home state, dominant service provider Frontier Communications has announced it will add 25 employees to its Connecticut contact center. The reason for the expansion is to provide support… [ Read More ]

Rush Enterprises Grow Dealership and Contact Center Network

One of the reasons the contact center solutions business has been and will continue to be robust is rather obvious, i.e., as companies grow they need to grow their ability to provide great customer experiences both physically and virtually. An example of this comes from Texas-based Rush Truck Centers (RTC), the dealership arm of $3.4 billion conglomerate Rush Enterprises. It has announced that not only is it expanding its footprint in Florida and Texas, but at the same time it will be adding to … [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: Interactive Intelligence, Google and Avaya

Contact Center Solutions Community news and ingights including the growing importance of WebRTC. [ Read More ]

China Online Leisure Travel Firm Adds Ten New Regional Service Centers

Chinese online travel giant illustrates need for getting the physical and virtual mix balanced to optimize growth. [ Read More ]

Listen Up Espanol Selected as Contact Center Service Provider for Live Teleton USA Fundraiser

Here in the U.S., there is a segment on the NBC Nightly News, the most popular network news broadcast, called "Making a Difference." It highlights how truly remarkable individuals and organizations really are making a difference in their communities, and many times for people in distant places as well. One such organization that really makes a difference is Woodland Hills, Calif.-based Teleton USA who raises an amazing amount of money every year for children with disabilities. This is a big fund… [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence among Software Magazine Top 500 Software and Services Suppliers

Customer expereince solutions provider Interactive Intelligence continues its streak of industry recognition. [ Read More ]

Call Center Hiring Gets Competitive in the Philippines

The Philippines has become a hotspot for call centers in recent years - so much, in fact, that finding representatives to staff their efforts has become competitive sport. [ Read More ]

An Innovative Business Call Center Announces Database Management Services

For those with a longish memory the tagline, "It's not your father's Oldsmobile," will look and sound familiar. In fact, it is a line that has been paraphrased over the years to apply to a myriad of vertical markets and products as those in charge of brand stewardship look to change the perception of their products and services. Edwards Answering Service, which started life in 1954 providing as their name says, basic telephone answering services, has not adopted the tagline to apply to how they … [ Read More ]

Partnership Provides Contact Centers Enhanced Fraud Prevention Solution

For frequent visitors to the contact center solutions community, you are well aware of the challenges contact centers are encountering regarding fraud. The bad guys are constantly working on ways to highjack customer accounts and work their mischief. It amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars in losses every year, and major headaches for customers whose accounts have been compromised. And, unfortunately, with call volumes swelling because of the holidays, contact centers make even more invite… [ Read More ]

Google and Avaya Join Forces on WebRTC-based Enterprise Contact Center Solution

Avaya Agent for Chrome for contact centers first project of WebRTC-enabled collaboration. [ Read More ]

Virtual Hold Technology Expands Contact Center Callback Options

Callback solutions for contact centers have always been premises based. However, Virtual Hold Technology (VHT), a provider of enterprise virtual queuing and callback solutions for the past two decades is providing small to mid-sized business (SMB) contact centers a new option that has been enjoyed by larger enterprises. Thanks to an investment in CALLPROMISE, VHT SMB customers will now be able to deploy a fully SaaS-based virtual queuing solution. [ Read More ]

What the Mobile Customer Service Experience Should Be

Smartphones and mobile applications have given consumers a whole new way to interact with businesses. Call it newfound freedom and convenience. For businesses themselves, the mobile approach provides a way to serve customers better and - if done correctly - to form stronger, more lasting relationships. But that's the problem. Many businesses are still struggling to determine how best to use tools such as mobile apps to their advantage. [ Read More ]

Netop Upgrades Live Chat Software for Improved Holiday Customer Service

Yes it is the holiday season, and for those running contact centers we all know what that means, a virtual tsunami of traffic compared to the rest of the year. What it also means is that there is an increase in the amount of internal contact center communications to better manage workflows to help manage the waves of customer interactions. And, while customers know that their interactions increasingly involve the use of chat for interacting with contact center agents instead of a phone call, cha… [ Read More ]

Work from Home Study Successful with Chinese Firm

A recent study initiated by Stanford Economics aimed to explore the benefits of companies adopting a work from home (WFH) model. As the first randomized experiment regarding WFH, the study focused on a 16,000-employee Chinese travel agency by the name of Ctrip. [ Read More ]

Accenture, Backbase Partner to Help Banks Improve Customer Engagement

For frequent visitors to the Contact Center Solutions Community, the growing push to provide enterprise of all shapes, sizes and locations with omni-channel interaction capabilities-and tools to help analyze and monetize the resulting improvements in customer experience-is arguably the No. 1 trend impacting the community. [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Honored with Glassdoor Employees' Choice Award

The end of the year is the time when there typically is a lot of industry recognition announced. In this regard, Contact Center Solutions Community host Interactive Intelligence is on quite a roll. Not only was the company recently honored by the Indiana Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals as its 2014 Philanthropy Award for Outstanding Corporation of the year, but the Indianapolis provider of software and services for communications, collaboration and customer engagement, has… [ Read More ]

Interactive Intelligence Recognized with 2014 Philanthropic Award

It is always encouraging when a member of the tech community, in this case Indianapolis, IN-based Interactive Intelligence, the sponsors of the Contact Center Solutions Community, is recognized for not just doing well but doing good. It is difficult to over-estimate how important being a great neighbor and giving back can be not just to the community but for the company as well. [ Read More ]

Tennessee Call Center Offering Big Wages to Employees

With the number of call centers coming back to the United States increasing on a daily basis, there are a number of different states taking advantage of this trend. In Kingsport, Tennessee a call center set up by IntelliHARTx is going to be paying wages that other call center employees can only dream about. The company recently said it expects to pay as much as $14 per hour to its call center employees. [ Read More ]

Contact Center Solutions Week in Review: IBM Digital Benchmark, Sprint Complete Collaboration

This week's review includes a few items from last week including several related to online shopping traffic. [ Read More ]

Comings & Goings: Allianz Life Promotes Erin Krawiecki to AVP Customer Contact Center and Fulfillment, Enterprise Operations

It is always nice when companies recognize the excellence of their people by giving them more responsibilities. This is true in every vertical market and organization, but is particularly relevant when it comes to contact centers where to put it mildly operations are undergoing profound changes. These changes include, just to name a few, such things as: moving to the cloud, accommodating omni-channel needs, attracting, training and retaining great agents in an industry where there is a shortage … [ Read More ]

Fifth Quadrant Announces Australia's 2014 Best Customer Experience Companies

As noted in TMCnet's coverage of the contact center solutions community, recognition of excellence in providing outstanding customer experiences (CXs) is not just noteworthy but important. This is particularly true as CX rises to the top of C-level lists of how to obtain and retain sustainable differentiated value. In this regard, the news from Australia of the inauguration of an awards program for those providing the best customer experiences is one to mark down. [ Read More ]

Zultys Mobile Communicator for iPhone has Contact Center and Voice Mail Enhancements

Sunnyvale, CA-based unified communications (UC) solutions provider Zultys has released Mobile Communicator for iPhone version 4.0. Available for immediate download on the Apple App store, if you are an Apple iPhone user you may wish to check this out. The reason is that in its latest release users of Zultys Mobile 4.0 will enable iPhone users to access contact center and Visual Voice Mail functionality from their mobile devices. [ Read More ]

Korean Service Provider SK Telecom Introduces Contact Center Voice Authentication System

As the saying goes, "There are two sides to every coin." This is particularly true when it comes to the business of authentication of voice communications with contact centers. The calling parties need to know their interactions will be treated in a confidential manner. This means their transactional information will not be compromised exposing them to identify theft and a host of downstream problems such theft might incur. The flip side is that contact center agents need to be able to have mult… [ Read More ]

Report Finds U.S. Veterans Administration Not Up to Answering the Call

For those of us who live in the U.S. the revelations over the past year about the Veterans Administration (VA) not living up to meeting the medical and other needs of vets have been depressing. This in the face of the championing the needs of veterans and their families by first lady Michelle Obama since her husband became president and her vow to end veteran homelessness. [ Read More ]

Sprint Complete Collaboration Gets Contact Center Capabilities

There is no longer any doubt that state-of-the-art collaboration tools have become mission critical regardless of the size or location of an organization. In fact, the more distributed and remote the workforce the more critical having a complete suite of unified communications (UC) capabilities has become. This is true for all aspects of an enterprise, but is becoming particularly true for companies seeking to enable their contact centers with omni-channel interaction capabilities. In fact, real… [ Read More ]

Support Interaction Optimization Identified as Contact Center Growth Area

Sometimes it seems that the tech industry in general and the contact center solutions area specifically, not only has too many acronyms but actually relishes the opportunity to add more. Indeed, witness how fast we have moved from "multi-channel" to "omni-channel' or in the more distant past from "call centers" to "contact centers." [ Read More ]

Wheelings & Dealings: Thinking Phone Networks Lands Cash Infusion to Make Communications Simpler

The modern communications landscape is one that few would likely consider to be simple, considering the sheer number of platforms and devices involved in the mix. A host of mobile devices, video systems, and cloud-based tools all combine to create a landscape that's as known for its sheer diversity as anything else. But one company, Cambridge, Massachusetts firm Thinking Phone Networks, has been growing along with these various industry trends, and thanks to a successful Series D funding run, ha… [ Read More ]

Law Enforcement Seizes 292 Domains Selling Counterfeit Products

Europol, the European Union's law enforcement agency, in coordination with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations and law enforcement agencies from 19 other countries have seized 292 Web domains that were used for selling illegal counterfeit merchandise, according to a recent statement from Europol. The operation was made part of a larger project called "In Our Sites (IOS) Transatlantic V." [ Read More ]

Cyber Monday Caps Record Five-Day 'Cyber Week' according to IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

This is an update to my earlier posting about Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday online shopping as tracked in real-time by IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark who was kind enough to provide periodic updates as yesterday's transactions evolved. And, while retail sales in general have not been as robust as forecast, online sales, particularly mobile-initiated ones continued their strong showing on Cyber Monday, which helped break records for the five-day Thanksgiving shopping timeframe. [ Read More ]

GM Using Social Media and More to Fix Recalled Vehicles

According to Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer hired by General Motors to compensate victims of crashes caused by faulty ignition switches, he has determined 32 people died as a result of the defect, which will require multi-million dollar settlements to the victims' families. The longer the company waits to fix this particular problem, the higher the chances of someone else possibly losing their life. This has led the company to be more creative in getting customers with the affected vehicles to com… [ Read More ]

Black Friday Gun Buyers Swamp Federal Background Check Systems

For those out there who purchased a firearm of some kind on Black Friday, be it a curiosity, a hunting weapon, a home defense tool or something else, one point was stunningly clear: anyone who bought a gun on Black Friday was not alone. New reports from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) suggest that there was actually a record number of background checks conducted on Friday, with the total number surpassing the 175,000 mark. [ Read More ]

Thanksgiving Mobile Shopping Milestone Reports IBM Digital Analytics Benchmark

Yesterday was Cyber Monday and retailers are braced for the online gold rush. Traffic is likely to be up and contact centers extremely busy if the slowness of the Internet is any indicator. And, while foot traffic in stores was down, a fact I can attest to having gone shopping myself at one of this county's largest malls on Black Friday, this does not mean that overall retail sales for this important start to the holiday shopping season will be off. In fact, if figures from the IBM Digital Analy… [ Read More ]

How Your Sales Team Can Weather the Holiday Rush

Some prospects need to spend their budgets before the end of the year while others may want to postpone discussions until after the holidays. If, after persuasion, they still aren't eager, it's better to push that deal to one side and concentrate on prospects that are ready to close. [ Read More ]


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