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Afni Realizes Better Customer Service with Intradiem Deployment

December 13, 2013

Afni, a contact center service provider, stated that it managed to realize a lot of benefits by deploying Intradiem’s intraday workforce management solutions.

Afni employs more than 4,000 personal and they service various recognized companies across telecommunications, cable/satellite, insurance and healthcare industries. And its clients keep changing in terms of the products and services and receive and Afni had to change accordingly and at the same time deliver consistently better customer service – all of which required ongoing agent training. 

The company then selected Intradiem to deploy training in the context of unpredictable call arrival patterns. Intradiem is capable of alerting Afni’s agents about any changes its clients made which removed the need for agents to constantly adjust to client updates.

Intradiem explained that it offers the necessary business reflexes that equip contact centers to automatically respond to unexpected changes in resources, workload and service levels with automated intraday management. Its solutions enable users to capitalize on opportunities for improvement that occur throughout every day with immediate and consistent reactions to fluctuating business conditions.

With Intradiem, Afni managed to complete agent training quickly and effectively and seamlessly maintained service levels during fluctuating call volume. Intradiem also ensured that the agents in training received their learning materials without affecting service.

Matt McConnell, chief executive officer at Afni, remarked, “Afni’s program has already demonstrated great results in a mere six month timespan. We are excited to work closely with the company and help them further adopt the real-time workforce management practices that will drive their customer experience results and maintain their competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

In related news, Intradiem recently integrated with Aspect’s (News - Alert) Workforce Optimization Platform and Afni chose Knowlagent RightTime technology. 

Edited by Ryan Sartor

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