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Upgraded VoC Survey Tool - A Milestone Release for SandSIV

December 02, 2013

If customers are important, then what they say matters a great deal. Companies that heed the voice of the customer and take customer surveys seriously are the ones that will move forward rapidly. Hence, any tool that generates superior and flexible customer surveys is worth its weight in gold.

SandSIV AG,  touted to be an expert provider of customer experience management (CXM) consultancy, has recently released an enhanced survey tool that enables users to generate and manage customer surveys across multiple channels through a wide range of languages- both very important criteria.

Today customers want to share thoughts and opinions across a variety of media channels and different communication devices. Hence any data capturing tool should be capable of catering to that demand. Failure to do so means missing out on valuable insights.

The new upgraded tool has several new features such as new display render types, open question, the drag drop and exporter, importer functionality with background processing. It also has a report scheduling feature and helps generate custom reports. There is a user-manual to guide users while using the tool and support procedures. There are some training videos, but these are yet to be released.

Leveraging customer data successfully means that organizations can transform the huge amount of data into actionable innovation. The new tool enables leading companies to gather customer intelligence, easily and securely and share the business insight across the whole organization in real-time. The commercial impact of the tool is huge and this is what SandSIV is trying to exploit.

"VoC Feedback is a milestone release for SandSIV - we have pulled out all the stops in developing significant quality enhancements, new breakthrough functionality and comprehensive support material," noted Dennis Weiss, head of solution management, speaking on behalf of SandSIV.

Weiss noted that all existing clients had already migrated to the new tool successfully. He claims that this is just the beginning of what promises to be a series of product releases that will culminate with the anticipated VoC Hub scheduled for end Q1 2014.

Edited by Cassandra Tucker

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